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agent :
Jonas Saul
IMG Literary

Imagine Media Group is a literary management company run by writers for writers, with the ability to get books in front of Hollywood studios and major publishers. Jonas began his career in publishing over thirty years ago and has nearly fifty published books to his credit. In the beginning, Jonas decided to be his own agent and publish his books in 2011. By 2016 he’d sold several million copies of his novels and pitched his Sarah Roberts Series in Hollywood. With deals on the table, he signed with a literary management company to help manage his books. He now has a deal with a major Hollywood studio and several novels acquired by publishing houses. As a hybrid author (self-published and traditionally published), along with contacts in Hollywood, Jonas has experience in all areas of publishing. He has toured the offices of Amazon in Seattle, met with and toured literary agencies in New York, and worked closely with many publishers.
Associate Agent Rania Stone has been in publishing for almost twenty years, done book signings, and met many fellow authors. She’s pitched European publishers and even signed with an Italian publishing house. Rania went on to publish some of her own work, too. She’s the author of over fifteen books. After spending the past twenty years in marketing and sales, she has joined Imagine Media Group Literary and actively seeks original stories with wild plot twists.
Hakim Saleck has worked in and around publishing for the better part of his career. As a seasoned journalist, Hakim has published over a thousand articles, videos, and infographics and worked with countless authors. Some of them are the best sellers of fiction and non-fiction in France. Over the years, his journalistic experience has led him to work with France’s main editors and publishers. He represents French and English manuscripts.

years experience: 30
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Biography, Horror, Screenplays
Sharon Savoy is the recipient of the “Best Global Female Dancer” Huading Award. Ms. Savoy trained at the prestigious George Balanchine School of American Ballet. She became a 3X World Exhibition Champion and 4X Blackpool Exhibition Champion at the Wimbledon of Ballroom Dance. She's also performed at the Kennedy Center, the Royal Albert Hall, the Sydney Olympics, The Palais du Bercy in Paris, Europe, Asia, and Hollywood movies. Ms. Savoy was choreographer/coach for prime-time TV dance shows, choreographer/coach for ABC-TV’s “Dancing with The Stars,” professional dancers' choreographer/coach for top-3 finalist couple, Paula Abdul’s show “Live to Dance,” 2010 professional dance perfomer/choreographer featured adagio/tango dancer in Mel Brooks’s “Dracula: Dead and Loving It!” Also, cameo hip-hop dancer in Chris Rock’s movie, “Head of State.” And featured dancer in two Miss America Pageants, three-time featured dancer on PBS America’s Ballroom Challenge Live Television Performances in Paris, France, Sydney, and Perth, Australia, Hong Kong, and Italy.

John Newton - Electrical Engineer and robotics programmer
David Darling - Former Canadian military
Dwayne Clayden - Former tactical EMT and police officer
Cyndi Brec - Recreational therapy technician.
Russel Nohelty - USA TODAY bestselling author.
Lily Soltani - and Iranian-Canadian literary author
Faye Arcand - a Canadian author
Liane Carmen - a best selling American author

The Laughing Dog by Dwayne Clayden to Lycan Valley Press.
Jonas is the editor-in-chief at Imagine Press Inc.
Rania Stone
Associate Agent

Hakim Saleck
European Agent

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