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publicity/marketing, technology/e-publishing
Jess Johns
Ingram Content Group

Data-driven book marketer specializing in publishing strategy and marketing technology. Over 10 years of experience in publishing, market research, and data analysis, with a focus on helping authors and publishers improve their business, grow sales, and better understand and connect with their readers.

As part of the digital products team at Ingram, I manage product strategy and development for iQ Marketing Insights and other consumer-oriented data and marketing projects, with a focus on marketing analytics and intelligence for the book industry.

Co-founder and director of product marketing at OptiQly, a SaaS marketing startup focused on optimizing the sales potential of books, ebooks, and other products online. Acquired by Ingram Content Group in October 2017.
Co-founder, OptiQly
Partner, The Logical Marketing Agency
Consultant, The Idea Logical Company
Conference program coordinator, Digital Book World (2011-2016)
Director of operations, Publishers Launch Conferences