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writer :
J. F. Margos
Author photo by Anne Wheat


J. F. Margos is a fifth-generation Austinite. Her Dad grew up in the Deep Eddy area of Austin, where he and J. F.’s mother also raised their three girls.

Growing up in Austin in the days before movie stars lived there was quite different from the Austin known today as a film and tech mecca and the "Live Music Capital of the World".

J.F. used to ride her bike all over town, and especially up and down the trails along the many creeks and along the Texas Colorado river that flows through the heart of Austin..

Even today, as crowded as it is, with all the tall towers downtown, J.F. can see and feel the Austin she loved as a kid, and still loves so much now.

J. F. majored in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin and is a classically trained portrait artist. She was trained from the age of 6 by her maternal grandfather who was an artist, and his father and so on up the family line, all of whom were portrait artists.

J. F.’s lifetime dream is writing books. She is a traditionally published author who writes suspense and commercial general fiction. Her first novel was published by a division of Harper Collins, and she has just finished her next novel.

More Info:

Visit J.F. on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram as jfmargos

See her blog, The Dreamworld Wave here:

Coming soon - a new website with more about J.F. and her writing at:

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Writing, Art and Photography

Genres & Specialties
Suspense and General Commercial Fiction

Specialized Training, Work Experience, Honors

J. F. loves public speaking. She is very comfortable in front of a room full of people.

She is a voting member of the Author’s Guild, Mystery Writers of America and Writers’ League of Texas.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Austin History Center Association which supports the Austin History Center, part of the Library System. She is also the Committee Chairman and Publisher of their publishing arm, Waterloo Press.

By day, she works as a Paralegal in the Legal Department of a Fortune 50 Tech company in Austin, Texas.