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writer :
Janna L. Goodwin

About THE END OF THE WORLD NOTWITHSTANDING (Travelers' Tales, April 2021)

"I’m traveling alone, renting a cabin at a normally tranquil spot —that’s called foreshadowing —on the banks of the Big Laramie River at the edge of the Medicine Bow National Forest."

So begins this lighthearted yet philosophical collection of nail-biting stories, all true, and all of which fill the listener with wonder … as in, “I wonder how any of us survives?” Encounters with wildfire, insects, house pets, weather, gravity, predators, bullies, and the most potent force of all—fear itself—unfold in remote landscapes of the American West (and Midwest); on the neon-splashed sidewalks of Hollywood; at a Catskills summer camp for actors; in the lavish apartment of a famous senator; in a Hawaiian beach condo; on the side of a mountain above the Mediterranean Sea; far beneath the streets of Paris. Goodwin looks for and ultimately finds meaning (if not security) in a clear-eyed acknowledgment of our shared, human condition —and in laughter.

About COWBOY STATE (Unpublished): A harrowing road trip across the wintry plains of Wyoming has lasting consequences for best friends whose lives drastically diverge in the weekend’s troubled wake. Opening in the post-Watergate era of second-wave feminism and spanning five decades, COWBOY STATE (upmarket women’s fiction, 110,000 words) is about two remarkable, very different women and their complicated relationship; family deceptions, and the natural and cultural forces that shape our lives: Elena Ferrante meets Joyce Carol Oates on Annie Proulx's front porch.

Writing, Fiction writing, Developmental editing, Research
General fiction, Travel, Humor