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writer :
Steffen Kirkegaard
Doubt Innovation Faith

I have been innovative all my life. But being something that refers to a few people does make it harder to get understood.
Therefore, he wrote this book, Doubt Innovation Faith. Therefore, I tried to get an understanding on the next big thing the next tipping point and a more profound world view. Many have tried before me. Many will try after.
Trying is hard, some will see you as a failure, others won't notice. But some will try to help, but only a few will be there for you when you go your own way.
This book has interviews with people who did it and made a difference, and became billionaires. This book asks questions and answers some on what is innovation, and why is decentralization better for innovation than centralization.
And why is crypto a thing in the next movement of humanity? I hope you will comment on the book and be a part of the conversation.

years experience: 27

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