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agent :
Bonnie Nadell
Hill Nadell Literary Agency
6442 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200A, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Hill Nadell Literary Agency was founded in 1979 in San Francisco and has been based in Los Angeles since 2006. The agency represents award winning and bestselling literary and commercial fiction, narrative nonfiction, current affairs, memoirs, popular culture, cookbooks, graphic novels, and select children’s books. We do not represent screenplays.

We are a full service boutique agency and we pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each client and project, including social media support. We work with a network of co-agents to represent translation rights in foreign territories, as well as film, television, and podcast rights.

Bonnie Nadell is the President of the Hill Nadell Literary Agency. She represents writers of both fiction and narrative nonfiction. Her clients have been winners or finalists for the Pulitzer Prize, Carnegie Medal, National Book Critics Circle Award, Kirkus Prize, and numerous PEN Awards, among others.

Writing matters, books matter, and here’s why it matters to me. As an agent, I’ve opened a submission and found everything from an enthralling first novel to a heartbreaking account of struggling to come to America braving hardship and danger. These stories can inspire, can entertain, and can illuminate the major issues of our world whether it be immigration or climate change or injustice. Working with writers at every stage of their career from debut novelists to seasoned journalists, bringing singular voices and compelling stories into the world is what I love to do and have done for years.

I am always eager for new perspectives that inform or take me someplace I’ve never been. I represent and am always looking for narrative nonfiction covering the natural world, current events, memoir, food and culture, and stories focused on the American West. In fiction my taste runs to the literary, to voice-driven and genre-bending fiction and smart thrillers.

Ultimately literature is when someone else’s story speaks to you and broadens your world. That’s what I always want to find.

Dara Hyde is Senior Agent at the Hill Nadell Literary Agency and represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, including literary and genre fiction, graphic novels, narrative non-fiction, memoir, young adult, and children’s literature. Her clients have been winners or finalists for the the Women’s Prize, NAACP Image Award, Carnegie Medal, Eisner Award, Anthony Award, YALSA Award, Harvey Award, International Latino Book Award, and the Reading the West Award, among others.

I’m drawn to stories that examine social issues in unique ways, and voices that have been historically under-represented in publishing; stories that explore the bonds and complexities of both blood and chosen families; stories with crossover appeal, whether that’s YA/adult or blending genres in surprising ways. I relish being hooked by a high concept and a clever premise, but that creative vision needs strong character development and an attention to every word. I find imperfect characters more interesting than those that start off with all the answers, and I want to walk away from every book having learned something new.

Before joining Hill Nadell, I spent over a decade as an editor and rights and permissions manager at independent publisher Grove Atlantic in New York. I enjoy every aspect of the publishing process and helping my clients from idea to finished book and beyond is always a thrill. When I’m not reading I’m probably watching a movie, hopefully on TCM or Criterion.

Megan Eccles is Editorial Assistant and Social Media Manager for Hill Nadell Literary Agency. Before stepping into publishing, she worked as a freelance editor with a passion for finding the heart of a story and perfecting query letters. She loves the intersection of beautiful, literary prose and commercial plotting, with a special interest in stories with speculative elements. She holds a BA in Music from the University of San Diego and an MFA in fiction from the University of California, Riverside. When she’s not reading all of the books, she plays Dungeons & Dragons with her four sons.

Lauren Christiansen is Editorial and Foreign Rights Associate at Hill Nadell Literary Agency. She started her career writing and editing longform marketing materials in the tech industry, and transitioned to publishing after receiving her MPhil in American Literature from the University of Cambridge. Lauren is interested in both fiction and nonfiction of all stripes, and is passionate about helping to bring works by Hill Nadell authors to readers around the world. Off the clock, you can probably find Lauren watching a sport, almost any will do.

years experience: 25+
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Travel, Cookbooks, Children's books, Sports, Science, Literary fiction, Narrative Non-fiction (Memoir and Current Events), Graphic novels
Bonnie Nadell, President
Dara Hyde, Senior Agent
Megan Eccles, Editorial Assistant & Social Media Manager
Lauren Christiansen, Editorial & Foreign Rights Associate
All submissions for Hill Nadell Literary Agency are now requested through Query Manager. More information can be found on the Hill Nadell website under Submissions