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agent :
Bonnie Nadell
Hill Nadell Literary Agency
6442 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200A, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Hill Nadell Literary Agency was founded in 1979 in San Francisco. The agency represents literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, current affairs, memoirs, and popular culture. Now based in Los Angeles, the agency works with a network of co-agents to represent translation rights in foreign territories, as well as film and television rights.

Bonnie Nadell, President
Bonnie Nadell is the president of the Hill Nadell Literary Agency in Los Angeles. Her nonfiction books include works on current affairs and food as well as memoirs and other narrative nonfiction. In fiction, she represents thrillers along with upmarket women’s and literary fiction.

Nadell has taught or spoken at a number of universities and writer’s conferences, including the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, the LA Times Festival of Books, the Mayborn Conference on Literary Nonfiction, Tin House at Reed College, Antioch University, UCLA, USC’s Masters of Professional Writing Program, and the UC Riverside MFA program in Creative Writing.

Dara Hyde, Senior Agent
Dara Hyde is a senior agent at the Hill Nadell Literary Agency in Los Angeles and represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, including literary and genre fiction, graphic novels, narrative non-fiction, memoir, and young adult. Before joining Hill Nadell, Dara spent over a decade as an editor and rights and permissions manager at independent publisher Grove Atlantic in New York.

Dara has taught or spoken at a number of writers’ conferences and events, including Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, 826LA, BinderCon, New Orleans Writers’ Conference, Pima Writers’ Workshop, PubWest, Long Beach Comic Expo, IWOSC, Antioch University LA MFA, Chapman University MFA, UC Riverside MFA and UCR Palm Desert MFA, Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference, Fallbrook Writers’ Conference, and the Literary Editing and Publishing (LEAP) program at USC. You can follow her on Twitter @dzhyde and Instagram @dzhyde.

Kari Erickson, Junior Agent
Kari Erickson is a junior agent, rights associate, and editorial assistant at the Hill Nadell Literary Agency. Previously she has worked at a boutique book and author publicity company and was part of the 2017 inaugural class of the Los Angeles Review of Books and University of Southern California Publishing Workshop. A graduate from the University of North Texas, she’s also lived and worked in Switzerland. She’s currently building a list of fiction focusing on historical and contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and contemporary young adult.

years experience: 25+
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Travel, Children's books, Sports, Science, Literary fiction, Narrative Non-fiction (Memoir and Current Events), Graphic novels
Bonnie Nadell, President
Dara Hyde, Senior Agent
Kari Erickson, Junior Agent
All submissions for Hill Nadell Literary Agency are now requested through Query Manager. More information can be found on the Hill Nadell website under Submissions