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editorial services :
Mary Kole
Good Story Company

Good Story Company is an umbrella company for a variety of services for writers at every stage of the writing journey, including:

- Premium editing services from Mary Kole Editorial
- Editing services from Good Story Editing
- Small-group workshop intensives at Story Mastermind
- Education and community at Good Story Learning
- Bespoke ghostwriting services from Manuscript Studio

... and more writing education, community, and workshop opportunities.

years experience: 10+
Developmental editing, Line-editing, Copy editing, Proofreading, Ghost-writing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Children's books, African-American, Science
"Working with Mary Kole Editorial helped me grow my picture book manuscript into one I am extremely proud of. Also, Mary's help with fine tuning my query letter put me in great shape to have confidence to begin the submission process. Mary pinpointed specific ways I could improve my manuscript. I got so much more value than I expected from my work with Mary Kole Editorial."
—Jamie Sussel Turner, Author, Speaker, and The Less Stress Coach

"I did my research before reaching out to Mary Kole, and I'm so glad I did. Mary really has her finger on the pulse of young adult literature and gave me some critical pointers to give my MS the punch it needed to be market ready. I can definitely recommend her work to my fellow authors."
—Amy Jarecki, Bestselling, Multi-Award Winning Author

"I'm a huge fan of Mary's and find her careful, thoughtful critique to be an invaluable part of my process. As a newcomer to the YA format, I found her advise and insights hugely helpful in getting me up to speed with a new type of reader, style, and story expectations. I unconditionally recommend her for all writers from beginners to old pros."
—Jason Mercer

"Knowing I was missing the mark with my picture book, I asked Mary to give my manuscript an overview. Her professional and detailed feedback allowed me to rewrite the story knowing exactly where the weaknesses were. Mary's editing skills are invaluable. This isn't the first time I've asked for Mary's help and it won't be the last. I highly recommend her services."
—Karen Cioffi

"Mary is a consummate professional. Not only does she know what makes a compelling story and fitting query, she is also patient and thoughtful. During our phone call, she asked focused questions in order to tease out what type of manuscript I was writing, and she suggested different methods of approaching it. Further, she followed up with comparative titles and provided a keen eye on my query. I highly recommend Mary Kole for your needs within the business of storytelling."
—Pamela Brusnkill

"As a generally suspicious consumer, I'm of the opinion that few things these days are worth what they cost. Mary is a rare exception to this -- her edit of my submission package was worth every penny. Her feedback was detailed and actionable, she asked probing questions that made me think hard about my novel and its characters, and she communicated clearly and frequently throughout the entire process."
—Joseph Jackson

"Unpublished writers, after having written a novel, inhabit an unguided middle space between not being important enough to warrant industry attention, but needing professional feedback to see how they stack up in the market. That is where Mary lives. Her critique is sound, she pulls no punches, she's good-humored and easy to work with, and if you listen to her, your work will improve."
—Andres Faza

"Mary's feedback was incredibly helpful in helping me take the next step in the writing of my novel. She brought up many areas I overlooked or was completely oblivious to. Her knowledge about what works and doesn't work in novel writing, along with her vast experience in "kid lit," helped me shovel away much of the muck inherent in the first draft of the book, and pointed me in the direction I needed to go to complete a manuscript that I'm proud of."
—J. Pete Fulford

"Mary provided a lot of insights into my work, including examples, which helped to clarify my approach to this project and some of my next steps. She provided many suggestions for improvement, but did so in a manner that was light-hearted, friendly, encouraging, and supportive. I found myself ready and eager to dive back into the project (and I have), with the expectation that she will be willing and eager to help me when I'm next ready to have an editorial review."
—Carolyn Brougham

"Starting a children’s book – manuscript and illustrations – can be a scary and uncertain task. Mary made me (author) and my wife (illustrator) extremely comfortable through her expertise, approachability and encouragement in her editing services. The fact that she is able and willing to share years of professional experience in this segment of the publishing world is invaluable to a new writers and/or illustrators."
—Christian and Sarah Parks

"Mary has helped me to take a step back and see my project through fresh eyes. She made me think through things that I wouldn’t have recognized as issues and my work is far better for her input."
—Jenny Pavlovich

MFA, author of Writing Irresistible Kid Lit, Kidlit blog est. 2009, former agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Moveable Type Management