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consultant :
Guy Gonzalez
Free Verse Media

Free Verse Media is a strategic marketing consultancy offering actionable solutions for businesses and brands who want to engage audiences across multiple platforms more effectively—in alignment with specific business goals and key performance metrics.

years experience: 25
“Guy is one of the brightest minds I know in the changing world of publishing. He is keenly aware of the forces that are transforming the media industry, and has real-world insight and ability to improve the businesses he works for. When he offers two cents on any issue, I’m always listening and often acting on it. He is also a passionate, articulate, and generous person, who works well in a team environment, but is also an incredible manager and leader of people—without a large ego attached.”

—Jane Friedman, Publishing Consultant and Writer

“Guy is one of the best media and marketing people I have ever worked with in publishing. He is the guy that no matter what you send to him, it comes back better than you could have imagined. We built a start up venture project together that overcame many obstacles and required new thinking, but experienced execution. He brought both and is just a fun and nice person to work along side.”

—Mitchell Davis, Founder & CEO, BiblioBoard

“During the four (4) years Guy and I worked together at Media Source, we collaborated to develop a multi-year strategic plan designed to provide a clear mission to the entire team and to get buy-in from executive management and the Board (private-equity owned). We successfully transacted two (2) times in four (4) years, and Guy’s efforts and contributions were key to our success. Guy possesses the rare ability to ‘see’ a vision, but also implement it through operational execution.”

—Ian Singer, GM, Credo Reference – Infobase Holdings, Credo Reference

Panorama Project—
a little bit louder / louderARTS Project; Digital Book World; The Digital Shift; Writer's Digest
Guy LeCharles Gonzalez is an entrepreneurial media and marketing professional with 25+ years’ consumer and B2B experience in audience development, content strategy, community engagement, and email, search and social marketing. Skilled at building strong relationships with communities, colleagues, and clients, he’s a proven leader respected for fostering productive team environments and getting results within organizations in the midst of transformation and disruption.