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agent :
Emily Forney
Bookends Literary
136 Long Hill Road, Gillette, NJ 07933

Since opening its doors in 1999, BookEnds Literary Agency has never strayed from our original goal: Achieving dreams and doing what we love. Representing fiction and nonfiction for adults and children alike, BookEnds agents continue to live their dreams while helping authors achieve theirs.

First opened as a book packaging company, we were originally looking to take our own fresh and fun ideas and find just the right people to create the books publishers and readers were looking for. Over time, we missed working on fiction and seeing what could come from an author's imagination as well as an author's platform. So not two years after opening its doors, BookEnds changed its literary status to Agency.

While the industry has changed, and BookEnds has grown, the one thing we've never lost is our passion and love for books and the authors who create them.

Fantasy/science fiction, Children's books, Young adult, Middle grade
Kailei Pew, Kimberly Lee, Melissa See, James Ramos, Layla Hersch, Sophie Kim, Michelle Mohrweis
KID MADE by Kailei Pew (F&F Macmillan) Summer 2023
BOYS DON'T FRY by Kimberly Lee (FSG Macmillan) Spring 2023
LAST OF THE TALONS trilogy by Sophie Kim (Entangled Teen) Winter 2023
YOU, ME, AND OUR HEARTSTRINGS by Melissa See (Scholastic) Summer 2022
THE TROUBLE WITH ROBOTS by Michelle Mohrweis (Peachtree) Fall 2022
THE WRONG KIND OF WEIRD by Jams Ramos (Inkyard HarperCollins) Winter 2023
YOUNG BLOOD by Layla Hersch (Tundra Penguin Random House Canada) Summer 2023
Emily is seeking fiction for middle grade and young adult audiences that feature new and progressive takes. She does work on picture books, but is focused primarily on non-fiction and historical stories, and is currently not taking on unsolicited picture books right now. She would like to see more fiction from BIPOC and stories that do not necessarily feature trauma at the forefront of these character’s arcs (although she is open to reading anything complex and well done). She would love marginalized characters to have room to share joy, celebrate, fall in love, and be messy. Send her the best summer lovers, middle grade fantasies, adventure stories, and fantastical worlds.

Across all age groups, Emily is especially keen on finding good genre fiction in the form of re-tellings, magical realism, high fantasy, and spooky. For young adult, she tends to lean more in the fantasy and speculative realm, but would also like to find Jenny Han-like cozy, sweet stories. She's also a sucker for classic YA tropes (fake dating, high school contests with rivals to lovers, etc.). For middle grade, she would love fantasy of all kinds, although it needs to be grounded and the world building cannot sacrifice the character development. Some of her favorite genres include speculative fiction, historical romances, the paranormal, spooky (not horror, please no horror), feel good camp stories, and fun historical fiction in the YA space.

She is not a good fit for thrillers, true crime, horror, war stories, science fiction, or memoir.

You can query Emily here: