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writer :
Lynn Smargis

I've written original copy for over 100 clients in the past several years. What my clients value the most is my ability to quickly finish quality content as I write from 2,000 to 8,000 words per day between my own personal writing and client content.

Based on my Clifton Strengths Assessment, my top five skills are strategic, achiever, ideation, input, and futuristic. I can use this skill set to come up with new and engaging campaigns, along with designing content pillars around trending topics during different times of the calendar year.

In addition, my superpower and skillset of ideation gives me many opportunities for new and fresh content and marketing ideas for ghostwriting, content marketing, and email marketing. My current open rate for emails is between 39% and 49% on average. I can also design professional lead magnets along with print materials on Canva.

My experience as an influencer and a content marketing specialist gives me the unique perspective of utilizing both sides of social media marketing, including influencer management

In addition, I'm a published author of The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free, and currently in the process of writing three more books. I’m very familiar with the process of self-publishing and the work it takes to successfully market a book.

years experience: 5
rates: Most projects are project-based pricing based on the client's book or marketing needs.

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Writing, Ghost-writing, Copywriting, Developmental editing, Line-editing, Copy editing, Proofreading
Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Science
"Lynn wrote the content for my website and I couldn't be happier with the result! She referred a great web designer as well and the two of them created something that reflects me and my vision for helping clients with their health. Lynn helped tell the story. She is professional, transparent, and delivered all of the content within a very reasonable time frame. I was paralyzed for months thinking about writing the content and she did it all in 10 days! So, so happy with Lynn and her services and I highly recommend her." Emilie Davis

"Lynn has been completing contract work for me for over a year. She consistently delivers some meaty podcast show notes early or on time. She can lift up an entire room of people with her infectious positivity. It's been great working with her." Steve Stewart

"Lynn is awesome! She has helped me immensely with getting my book underway. Whenever I am stuck, she gets me up and going in the right direction quickly. She is positive, fun, and super knowledgeable. Her tips and tricks have helped me immensely. I look forward to continuing to work with Lynn!" Jill Shroyer

"Much like the carpenter's house always needing repair, I'm one of those professionals who struggle with applying their skills to themselves. Lynn helped me take a step back and objectively access my professional image to update my LinkedIn page. She is an efficient communicator, straightforward to work with, and provides excellent feedback. I highly recommend her. Thanks again, Lynn!" Vicki Stewart

Executives and business owners who want to get ahead of their competition by creating consistent marketing content from web content, lead magnets, blogs, newsletters to books and podcast.
Website design and copy for two authors, email drip campaign for a podcast editor, website design, content, and lead magnet for an in-home health care agency, lead magnet for the owner of a video marketing company.
Jemu Expeditions website content, Make Money Your Honey podcast show notes and blogs.
Ghostwriting a book for a client who has content, ghostwriting for a business owner who wants more credibility and recognition in the investment industry, and writing original copy for an educational startup.
SEO and social media workshops, online publishing courses, educational technology certificates, and three master's degrees in the field of education.