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writer :
Dena Renyer

As a child, I created new worlds to escape into; pouring my heart and sole into every sentence. As an adult, not much has change. What started as a fun project inspired by a dream my husband had, turned into a passion. I finally know what I want to do with my life and the opportunity to share it with thousands of people give me goose bumps. Everyday, I work on improving and honing my writing skills by continually writing/editing my work, absorbing advice from others, as well as reading books and articles.

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Writing, Fiction writing
Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller
I have recently finished one book.

Sincerely, P. is a phycological thriller based in a small town in Tennessee. Sam Wilson escapes her past to start a new life, but she soon discovers her past won’t leave her. She meets an unusual ‘friend’ who, little by little, urges her to take matters into her own hands and vindicate herself. If she heeds these urges, they will destroy her hope for freedom.

I am currently editing and revising my most recent book: Severed Soles.

Severed Souls is a romance/drama based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Willow Fuller, newly pregnant, gets rocked by the sudden death of her husband. Struggling to navigate in a world without Grey while being pregnant aren't her only struggles. Her nightmare of a mother-in-law continues to break her down with every interaction. Follow Willow's journey as she navigates death, live, and a destructive mother-in-law.