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THIS IS HOME by Lisa Duffy (Touchstone, June 2019)
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A Deadly Divide by Ausma Zehanat Khan (Minotaur, February 2019)
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agent :
Danielle Burby
Nelson Literary Agency
LOVE AND OTHER CARNIVOROUS PLANTS by Florence Gonsalves (Little, Brown, May 2018)

I began at Nelson Literary Agency in January 2017 and am currently building a list of primarily YA and MG fiction. I will also consider select passion projects in upmarket women's fiction.

I gravitate toward stories with a high concept and strong voice. I particularly enjoy complex female characters, quirky/humorous adventures, narratives that explore social justice issues, stories with a sense of wonder, complicated family dynamics, girls with swords, and #ownvoices narratives. I find it hard to resist gorgeous writing and am a sucker for romantic plotlines that are an element of the narrative, but don't dominate it. Mainly, I'm looking to represent novels that keep me spellbound, no matter the genre.

General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
Ausma Zehanat Khan, Lisa Duffy, Florence Gonsalves, Jeff Seymour, Rosaria Munda, Jillian Boehme, Laura Brooke Robson
The Unquiet Dead, Love and Other Carnivorous Plants, The Salt House, The Bloodprint, Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue
October 5, 2018
Fiction: Debut
Activist and political science PhD Ehsaneh Sadr's A DOOR BETWEEN US, a humorous and sometimes scary snapshot of a family with clashing political ideologies in Iran in the aftermath of the 2009 election of Ahmadinejad and the ensuing Green Wave protests told in three alternating perspectives in a hopeful narrative demonstrating that life goes on even as the world feels like it is falling apart around us, to Addi Black at Blackstone Publishing, for publication in fall 2019, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (World English).

July 10, 2018
Fiction: Sci-fi/fantasy
Doug Engstrom's CORPORATE GUNSLINGER, set in a near future world in which people use their freedom as collateral against loans and dueling is a sanctioned practice for settling legal disputes; a professional gunslinger in serious debt is about to take her shot in a high-stakes duel that will either kill her or buy her freedom, to David Pomerico at Voyager, for publication in 2020, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (World English).

May 16, 2018
Children's: Young Adult Fantasy
Stanford senior Laura Brooke Robson's debut stand-alone apocalyptic fantasy told in alternating POVs about the leader of a band of female elite royal aerialists whose plan for survival depends on marrying the prince—until she meets the alluring new recruit who secretly plans to kill him, to Kathy Dawson at Kathy Dawson Books, in a good deal, at auction, in a two book deal for publication Spring 2020, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (NA).

November 10, 2017
Children's: Young Adult Fantasy
Rosaria Munda's THE DRAGONLORD'S SON, the first in The Aurelian Cycle trilogy, pitched as inspired by Plato's Republic, Aegon Targaryen and Hermione Granger with dragons in the aftermath of a bloody revolution, to Arianne Lewin at Putnam Children's, at auction, in a significant deal, in a three-book deal, for publication Spring 2019, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (NA).
Film/tv: Alice Lawson at Gersh

November 8, 2017
Children's: Young Adult
Known in the writing community as Authoress through her blog Miss Snark's First Victim, Jillian Boehme's GATHERING STORM, inspired by Twelfth Night and pitched as the YA Daenerys Targaryen, in which a girl uses dragon magic to disguise herself as a boy to take her brother's place in war and pursue her dreams of becoming a master combat fighter, realizing the only way to save her country is to awaken the dragons of old, to Elayne Becker at Tor Teen, in a two-book deal, for publication summer 2019, by Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency (NA).

November 3, 2017
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Ausma Zehanat Khan's next novel, an investigation set around a mosque shooting in Quebec, featuring series detectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty who work in the heart of Canada's most vulnerable communities, to Catherine Richards at Minotaur, for publication in February 2019, by Danielle Burby at the Nelson Literary Agency (World).

June 22, 2017
Fiction: General
Author of THE SALT HOUSE and University of Massachusetts MFA grad Lisa Duffy's THIS IS HOME, a multigenerational narrative exploring themes of the families you choose and the homes you create told in alternating perspectives between the pregnant wife of a war vet with PTSD who has gone missing, and a teen who is finding her place in the world, to Kaitlin Olson at Touchstone, for publication in Summer 2019, by Danielle Burby in her first deal with Nelson Literary Agency (World English).
Film/TV: Alice Lawson at The Gersh Agency

October 26, 2016
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
John Keyse-Walker's BEACH, BREEZE, BLOODSHED, in which the only police presence on the remote and idyllic Anegada, must solve a murder by shark on a neighboring island in the follow-up to SUN, SAND, MURDER, to Elizabeth Lacks at Minotaur, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World English).

August 30, 2016
Children's:Young Adult
23-year-old Dartmouth graduate Florence Gonsalves' debut LOVE AND OTHER CARNIVOROUS PLANTS, featuring a narrative voice pitched as "Lena Dunham meets Sarah Dessen, with a dollop of Amy Schumer", in which a disillusioned nineteen-year-old takes a break from the pre-med grind at Harvard only to confront the risk of being consumed by her eating and anxiety disorders—and her growing affection toward an edgy, older girl, to Andrea Spoonerat Little, Brown Children's, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in Spring 2018, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World English).

August 17, 2016
Children's: Middle grade
Jeff Seymour's NADYA SKYLUNG AND THE CLOUD PIRATES, the first in a series pitched as Howl's Moving Castle meets Keeper of the Lost Cities, in which a ragtag group of orphans, each with a special talent, serves as the crew of a flying ship and must save the day when their captain and teacher are kidnapped by a fearsome band of cloud pirates, to Katherine Perkins at Putnam Children's, in a two-book deal, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World English).

May 26, 2016
Pushcart Prize nominee and University of Massachusetts MFA grad Lisa Duffy's THE SALT HOUSE, set in the coastal Maine town of Alden, about a pivotal summer in the life of the Kelly family, whose intertwined stories explore the intricate puzzle that is grief and the confusing contradictions of love, to Etinosa Agbonlahor at Touchstone, for publication in Summer 2017, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World English). Translation:

March 16, 2016
Nonfiction: Health
Karen Gabler's YOUR BODY'S BRILLIANT DESIGN, an accessible book that focuses on the link between fascia and chronic pain and provides a series of exercises from the Gabler Sustainable Body Method for melting the fascia into alignment in order to discover how the architecture of fascia can be used to live pain free, to Abigail Gehring at Skyhorse, for publication in Spring 2017, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World).

October 26, 2015
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Unquiet Dead author Ausma Zehanat Khan's THE BLOODPRINT, the first in a fantasy quadrology set in a world in which a despot rules with an iron fist, literacy is illegal, and unchaperoned women are sold into slavery, a woman learns the location of a text long believed to be lost, she sets out on a journey with her ragtag group of friends in order to reclaim the narrative of a people and combat ignorance, to David Pomerico at Voyager and Natasha Bardon at Voyager UK, in a good deal, in a pre-empt, in a four-book deal, for publication fall 2017, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World English). Translation:

July 14, 2015
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
THE UNQUIET DEAD and the forthcoming THE LANGUAGE OF SECRETS author Ausma Zehanat Khan's the next two mysteries, to Elizabeth Lacks at Minotaur, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (world).

May 26, 2015
International rights: Canada Children's
The Unquiet Dead author Ausma Zehanat Khan's middle grade nonfiction, about the celebration of Ramadan, as part of the Orca Origins series, to Sarah Harvey at Orca Books, for publication Spring 2018, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World).

April 27, 2015
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Sommelier Nadine Nettmann's debut DECANTING A MURDER, the first in a new cozy series about a sommelier-in-training who discovers a dead body at a vineyard; when she finds out that her best friend is the prime suspect, she sets out to use her amateur sleuthing skills and knowledge of wine to clear her best friend's name; chapters are paired with wine recommendations to set the mood, to Terri Bischoff at Midnight Ink, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (NA).

April 23, 2015
Children's: Young Adult
Mimi Cross's debut BEFORE GOODBYE, pitched for fans of Before I Fall and We Were Liars, in which a young classical guitarist's first love dies, leaving her musically paralyzed; on her journey to heal, she finds help in unexpected places from unlikely people; she may be shattered, but she's learning to examine the pieces to create music that is uniquely hers, to Miriam Juskowicz at Skyscape, for publication in January 2016, in a two-book deal, by Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler (World).

March 30, 2016
Television rights
Ausma Zehanat Khan's THE UNQUIET DEAD mystery series, about two police officers, one of whom is Muslim, who team up to solve minority-sensitive crimes, to Lionsgate with Allison Shearmur (THE HUNGER GAMES) attached to produce, by Brendan Deneen at Macmillan Entertainment on behalf of Danielle Burby at Hannigan Salky Getzler.
Kristin Nelson, Joanna MacKenzie, Quressa Robinson
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