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David Wilk
203-571-0781 (fax)
203-858-7212 (mobile)

What Does Booktrix Do?

Booktrix works with publishers, authors and content owners of all kinds. We provide consulting, intelligence and research, active marketing strategy, planning and execution as well as book packaging services with an unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, innovation and vision.

We are experienced in literally every aspect of publishing, sales and distribution, and use that experience along with our belief that change is good, to help our clients meet the challenges of a constantly changing marketplace.

Whether you need to outsource book packaging and editorial development, build a modern, effective website, deploy advanced marketing and beyond, develop D2C programs, introduce new media into your projects, evaluate your distribution and sales systems, or to re-envision any aspect of your business, please contact us.

And we always welcome authors, nonprofits and corporations with publishing needs to talk to us for highly professional consultation.

years experience: 12
Bill Gladstone,
Lou Aronica,
Jennifer Prosek,
David Steinberger,
Mike Shatzkin,

To the Stars, Encinitas, California, Automatic Publishing, Los Angeles, Hanley Wood, Washington, D.C., Hill Street Press, Athens, Georgia, Waterside Productions, Cardiff, California, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont, SK Entertainment, Chicago, Illinois, Harry N. Abrams, New York, New York, Perseus Books, New York, New York, Greenopia, Santa Monica, California, Go-Media, Los Angeles, California, Blue Media, Chicago, Illinois,
Burman Books, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, The Story Plant, Stamford, Connecticut, Valiant Publishing, New York, New York, Augustus Publishing, New York, New York

Media and Technology Companies

A+E Television, NY, Frederator Studios, NY, Ballentine Partners, Waltham, MA, PBS National, NY, Sybase, Inc., Dublin, California, Lenox Advisers, New York, New York, Pragmatic Marketing, Phoenix, Arizona, SharedBook, Inc., New York, New York, Didit, Inc., New York, New York, Russell Reynolds, New York, New York, Little Emperor, LLC, New York, New York, Fallon Advertising, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Good Minds, Norwalk, Connecticut

Nonprofit Organizations

Redirection Films, Weston, Connecticut, Good Business International, New York, New York, Simple Living America, Los Angeles, California, Earth’s Elders, New Milford, Connecticut, University of San Diego,


Russell Munz, Stamford, Connecticut, Haag Sherman, Houston, Texas, Clifford A. Wright, Venice, California, Fred Kobrick, Boston, Massachusetts. Paul Hannam, Rancho Santa Fe, California, Kim West, Baltimore, Maryland, Jacqueline Berger, Santa Barbara, California, Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, NY, Dr. Jamie Koufman, NY, James O. Goldsborough, San Diego, Tony Cointreau, NY, Richard Marek, Westport, CT

Vidlit, Santa Monica, California, Zooba (book club), New York, New York, A & E Television Networks, Stamford, Connecticut, The Hartford Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut, CJP Communications, New York, New York

Complete range of publishing services from editorial development to print and digital production, marketing, sales, and distribution.
Marketing strategy and support
Consulting on publishing, planning, sales, marketing and business development
Enhanced eBook and innovative projects
Self publishing support and advice
David Wilk,