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agent :
Daniele Hunter
McIntosh & Otis
207 E. 37th St, Suite #BG, New York, NY 10016 US
Headshot © LTV Photography.

I’m Daniele (she/her), a queer, chronically ill, disabled junior agent at McIntosh & Otis, acquiring (in order of priority) YA, MG, and PB. I’m extremely editorially hands-on!

For a sunshiny person, I have very dark taste in books. As an agent, I want to help tell the “hard” stories deeply needed by kids/teens experiencing hardships or with underrepresented identities. While my heart lives in contemporary stories, I also love contemporary fantasy (as well as supernatural elements like ghosts), and am sparingly open to historical and suspense.

I’ll be authors’ biggest cheerleader, and value open communication. I strive to be a safe space for marginalized identities/experiences, but don’t force authors to disclose those to me. I’m always open to any accommodations authors need. I’m a member of the AALA and serve on their DEI committee.

I’ll be a mentor for my clients, helping them navigate the publishing industry even after an editor signs their books. And though publishing is a business, I know that writing books (especially the dark, raw ones I fall for) is a very intimate endeavor, so I strive to connect with my clients not just on a professional level, but a personal one.

Please note that I assist on my boss's list, and I already co-rep some clients with her. So I’m likely to acquire more narrowly at first, but that could change as my role expands!

My top focus is "dark," "issue-driven" stories with very lyrical writing (prose or novels-in-verse welcome!). For more about my wishlist, as well as titles I've worked on, visit my website or MSWL page:

To send me a query, please use my Query Manager page:


ESTABLISHED IN 1928, McIntosh & Otis, Inc. is a full-service literary agency located in New York. M&O represents a broad range of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, including many bestsellers, literary icons, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners. In addition to representing the subsidiary rights for its own clients, M&O also represents the sale of subsidiary rights for LSU Press. M&O is committed to working with writers to develop their careers. Our agents are able to provide detailed and substantive guidance to our clients throughout the publication process.

years experience: 6
Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Young adult fiction, Middle grade fiction, Middle grade non-fiction, Picture book fiction, Picture book nonfiction
For more about my wishlist, as well as titles I've worked on, visit my website or MSWL page:

To send me a query, please use my Query Manager page: