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Happy Tablet is a fun and playful way to teach your toddler and pre-school child how to use and care for their tablets!
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Web Coding teaches little ones in a fun and playful way what it means to code. They learn colors and how to spell cat using real key board keys.
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writer :
Heidi Evalyn
I am an excited new Author/Illustrator/Designer with an incredible product that will change the world for the better!

Hello Friends!

I am thrilled to share with you my unique ideas for a new children’s book series called “Peek-A-Boo Kitty Cat”. My prototypes have brought a love for reading, as well as joy in learning technology into my own family, along with many other families too! It would be a great lapse of judgement for you to not take on my books. Let me elaborate three reasons why.

1. The books I have written and illustrated have practically no competition in educating ages 0-4 on technology and computer coding. No other books exist on the market that teach and interact in all the ways these books do.

2. My books are simple, yet one of a kind. They teach self-confidence and new concepts through rhythm, rhyme, and relatable emotions. The flaps keep the child engaged and excited to see what is underneath.

3. My books cater to dyslexic children through the repeated phrases giving them confidence to give reading a try. Research shows dyslexic children respond better to learning when they have a personal interest and emotional connection. This is provided with the Kitty Cat that interacts with the books.

I have written and illustrated three books in the “Peek-A-Boo Kitty Cat” series. They are entitled “Happy Tablet”, “Web Coding”, and “Computer Coding Devices”. They complement the one of a kind design of the “Took”.

Introducing the TOOK:
The Took is the combination of a toy and book. The stuffed animal Kitty Cat holds the book for the child. This would be done using strong magnets in the paws and board book cover. I’d also would like the cat to talk and read the book to the child by pressing a button in the ear. The backpack comes with hygiene items to play with Kitty Cat. It also stores the extra books from the series. I have created a prototype and tested it with children. Many parents and children are excited to buy one. I can offer more details upon request.

Preferred Publisher:
I feel my ideas would be a great fit with Penguin Random House in the Penguin Young Readers Group. They are like Dr. Seuss’ books in their unique ability to help the reader overcome difficult things in a fun and playful way. I would consider any great publishing company that has an offer.

Join my family and me by accepting my baby technology book ideas, and I know we will fill this gap in the book industry and change the world for the better!

Heidi Evalyn

This writer is looking for an agent
General fiction, Computers/technology, Children's books
Email me @

Or send me a message on twitter @happythruhealth

Coding Pals Collection including 3 board books teaching web technology to infants and preschoolers. Books include,"Happy Tablet", "Web Coding", and "Computer Coding Devices". They teach in a fun playful way building confidence and interest in the technology world.
My Related Education:
I completed three years at BYU-Idaho in the El Ed program. I certified in education technology. I am also a certified interior designer from Sheffield School of Interior Design. I use these skills in the color and design of the illustrations and Took. I have 21 years of childcare experience including being a mother of four kids ages 2-9 years old.