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writer :
Curtis Herbold

Don't really have any skills as I am a noob writer looking for a agent. Until I find one and my book series takes off, I don't think I will gain any new skills. My website is being updated continuously for a new sleek design for the month of October 2018. I have already updated the website a lot recently. Also Website and Facebook page is 100% all me so everything you see is 100% truly me Curtis L. L. Herbold's own work, except for the free/paid tools and free live backgrounds. I hope my work shows.
My Facebook Page for the book series:
IF you call, please note that you will need to leave a message. I do not answer people who are not in my contacts as there has been a lot of scam callers recently and I am tired of answering my phone to these idiots. Sorry for this inconvenience and I will get back to as quickly as I can.

years experience: 3

This writer is looking for an agent
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction
Curtis, The Haunted Water Fountain, & The Pink Apparition & Curtis, The Invisible Totem, and the Silver Werewolves. Book 3 Curtis, The Sacred Spyglass, & The Spirit Sucker should be done and available soon as my self-published self not publisher like I would like.