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editor, writer :
Claude Forthomme

Claude Forthomme is Senior Editor at Impakter Magazine.

Impakter is a new online, high-quality content magazine with four verticals: culture, style, society and philanthropy, including a special section on the United Nations. Popular with socially-conscious millennials, it has grown very fast since it was founded by Michele Bonanno in 2014, and today (2017) it draws 250k monthly visitors and gets 40k impressions per article.

Impakter welcomes contributions in all verticals (90 contributors on board so far). The magazine is also seeking to publish a book on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (a.k.a. Global Goals), collecting all the articles that have come out on its platform since January 2015. The book (90,000 words) is fully edited and ready to be published, with illustrations from world-famous French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. A wide range of world leaders and experts have contributed articles to the book, including the heads of the World Health Organization, UNESCO, FAO, the World Food Programme and many more from the private sector and civil society (mostly philanthropists).

This book is intended to be the first in a series of books on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, each drilling down into specific areas: The next one (already edited) will address the issue of water in the 21st century.

years experience: 32
Business/investing/finance, Health, Lifestyle, Current affairs, Social issues, Philanthropy, Culture, Arts, Music, Literature, Entertainment, Sport, Photography, Cinema, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Science, Start-up, Foodscape, Tech, NGOs, United Nations
- 2 years as content editor working for a textbook publisher (Harper & Row, Evanston, Illinois - it became HarperCollins in 1990, now Harper)
- 25 years as development expert working for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (headquartered in Rome); the job involved extensive writing and editing, in particular yearly reports on development aid.
- 5 years experience in writing/publishing fiction