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writer :
Joan Reavis Holcomb
Nesting Goose Novels
2945 Nesting Goose Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055
336-463-2242 (fax)
336-466-2969 (mobile)
Joan R. Holcomb, author Chattel, Historical Fiction Hunt House Murder, Southern Gothic


(1) CHATTEL: Historical Fiction (90,000 words) by Joan Reavis Holcomb

In CHATTEL Isaac Jarratt gives up the slave trade, yet impulsively buys an Ibo shaman and her son at public auction in Charleston, S.C., for reasons he doesn't understand. Then, through the machinations of her family, Anna, his fiancee, marries a man she despises. Her husband then moves her from place to place in an effort to hide her from Isaac. Distraught, Isaac first becomes involved in a slave insurrection in Charleston, temporarily loses his eyesight and faces other adversities. He never imagines the shaman would one day aid him in finding the one woman he loves and the elusive joy he believes is lost to him forever. Chattel is similar in vain to Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain with scenes reminiscent of Slave Dancer and Middle Passage.

CHATTEL, a historical novel of 90,000 words and set from 1822-1827 contains an account of the Charleston, S.C., Denmark Vesey Insurrection never before fictionalized. Three love letters the real Isaac Jarratt of N.C., wrote in 1827 and sold at public auction in the late 1900s were the genesis of this historical novel.

(2) HUNT HOUSE MURDER: Southern Gothic Romance (77,000 words) is based on a true story circulated among rural North Carolina residents for more than a century

HUNT HOUSE MURDER set in 1901-1902 chronicles a true love story and its folklore with paranormal twists and dark hilarity. A local soothsayer and tenacious ghosts add to the mystery as Tessa Hunt, a struggling young artist searches for the truth about her father’s death, discovers her first love, and escapes the clutches of her mother’s egomania and demonic schemes. Today the real manjor characters lie head-to-toe and side by side in a common graveyard in rural North Carolina.



HUNT HOUSE MURDER won honors for "Best First Chapter" a SC Writers Conference. CHATTEL, a historical novel set in the South in 1822-1827 won accolades for "Best First Chapter" at this year’s SC Conference. One of my narrative poems took "First Place in Poetry" in the Carrie McCray Literary Award at the South Carolina Writers Network. Joan has a degree in English and the Humanities from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and have studied at NC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has National Board Certification in Gifted Education/English Language Arts. She is a member of several writing organizations, including being a charter member of Winston-Salem Writers. Joan has been named North Carolina Outstanding Teacher of the Year with Gifted Children.

years experience: 15

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Fiction writing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Historical fiction, Southern gothic

CHATTEL, a historical novel, won accolades for "Best First Chapter" at the SC Writers Conference.
HUNT HOUSE MURDER won "Outstanding First Chapter" of a novel at the South Carolina Writers Conference, and a poem "Tobacco Settin' / Spring 1950" took first place in lyric poetry at the South Carolina Writers Network. OUR STATE MAGAZINE: DOWN HOME IN NORTH CAROLINA published her personal narrative, "The Green Grasses of Summer."

A writing consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh, Joan has written state tests and curriculum guides for standard and honors high school English. A degree in English and the humanities, Joan has National Board Certification in English/Language Arts and scored first in the nation on her portfolio. She has also worked with Dr. Maya Angelou in the classroom on African folklore projects. Additionally Joan has worked with writers Susan Malone, Susan Breen, Dave King, and Nancy Sartor. Joan is a charter member and instrumental in forming Winston-Salem Writers, a member of North Carolina Writers Conference, South Carolina Writers Network, Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America, as well as and regional and state historical societies. Joan writes reviews for Amazon, Goodreads and other sites for writers.