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writer, illustrator :
Brigitta Blair

Brigitta Blair (she/they) is a debut author-illustrator who studied interactive design at American University in Washington DC and Niigata College of Art and Design in Japan. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Brigitta worked in the fields of technology, design, and accessibility for companies such as Toyota, Ubisoft, and the Red Cross. Her pieces have been featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Washington Post, and VR Trend Magazine.

In addition to her illustrations, she worked with Steenz and Camilla Zhang to create the official Scrivener Standard Comic Script template. Brigitta has also been a speaker at SCBWI conferences, the Children’s Book Academy, and Kids Comics Unite on how to use tech tools to streamline the writing and illustration process.

General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, Poetry, Graphic Novels, Comics, Illustration, Memoir
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