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writer :
Bruce Conord

I worked twenty-seven years as a sales rep for a national book distributor and have a strong sense of the market.
My latest project, noted below, is my second thriller novel.
Besides the travel guides, I wrote scores of magazine and newspaper articles over my career.

years experience: 27

This writer is looking for an agent
Writing, Copywriting, Fiction writing
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller
Bios of John Lennon, Cesar Chavez, and Bill Cosby (Chelsea House)
Travel guidebooks: Cancun Day by Day and Dream Vacations Tulum (Wiley & Sons /Frommers)
Travel guidebooks: Adventure Guide to The Yucatan, Adventure Guide to Costa Rica, Pocket Costa Rica and Pocket Yucatan (Hunter Publishing)
Pick up a book with the life-and-death stakes of TAKEN and THE DEVIL TAKES YOU HOME, coupled with the grit of Don Winslow’s CARTEL, and you’ve got the new thriller, COME AND GET HER.

COME AND GET HER leaps right into the line of fire when Special Forces veteran Jesse Arroyo gets the late-night call no parent ever wants to answer. His daughter has disappeared in Mexico. He spent years overseas, while a daughter he didn’t know grew up in an affluent but dysfunctional family. He lost her once when she and her wealthy relatives shunned him—now, he vows never to lose her again.

He teams up with a beautiful anti-cartel journalist who wants to avenge the murder of her husband and son and embarks on a desperate rescue mission. To save his daughter’s life, he must play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with narco-killers in the dusty desert border town of Nuevo Laredo. But the CIA complicate his efforts when they call for him to blow up a smuggling tunnel in the exact location where cartel kidnappers hold his daughter.

Gritty and noir, COME AND GET HER is a stay-up-all-night thriller with a protagonist who learns what love and redemption mean.

I’m the author of seven award-winning travel guidebooks to Mexico and Costa Rica, plus three bestselling biographies for children and YA. I worked twenty-seven years as a publishers’ rep for a major national book distribution firm—and I’m a long-time member of the AG, MWA, SiC, and ITW.
Please let me know if you wish to see the complete 90,000-word edited manuscript. I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.