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executive director :
Amanda Kranias
Blue Manatee Literacy Project

The Blue Manatee Literacy Project and Bookstore is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower every young student with the skills, resources and inspiration to succeed. With a unique Buy One Donate One program, for every new book sold through BMLP and new book is donated to a disadvantaged student.

BMLP is a team of early childhood educators, physicians and experienced social entrepreneurs that has reinvented a children's independent bookstore as an engine for literacy skills awareness and development for disadvantaged children, aged 4-8, in Cincinnati. Our mission, "Curated Literacy", purposely links consistent access to high-quality books, delivered via innovative mentoring sessions, parent/caregiver training, author, illustrator and interactive events and community-building activities.

Proofreading, Copy editing, Writing, Ghost-writing, Copywriting, Technical writing, Photoshop, Typing/keyboarding/transcription
General fiction, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Travel, Children's books