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agent, publisher :
Albert Longden
Three Corners Literary
475 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 US
I used to be a hunk.....:-(

Three Corners Literary, formerly Albert T. Longden Associates is affiliated with Three Corners Entertainment, a film/TV development company. Submissions of screenplays can be submitted through their website.

As an Agent, I have limited time and therefore want writers that are preferably experienced and are willing to listen to productive critiques of their work.

I love old fashioned story telling in the mode of the classic early 20th century greats such as Earl Derr Biggers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sax Rohmer, H. Rider Haggard, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Bourroughs and Robert Louis Stevenson. More recently, the late Elizabeth Peters, Anne Rice, Laurie King, Wilbur Smith and Preston & Childs. Look to these authors with a creative current-thinking attitude and you'll have something.

30 Plus years within the publishing industry in virtually all areas including, editorial, product development, sales, rep management, fulfillment and distribution, and executive management. I've been a accounting exec at major and minor imprints, President/Publisher of business books, a writer, and an entrepreneur. All these things make for an agent that looks to commercial projects with a literary attitude. If you're looking for an professional Editor, this is currently the wrong agency for you.

years experience: 30+
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, Sports, Paranormal, Previously Published Authors need only supply their prior titles and publishers
Humorist and AVN Award winning Director Stuart Canterbury; Franklin, Military Writers of America, and LitPick Award Winning author Richard Sand; Novelist Lou Macaluso; 21st Century Sherlock Holmes Mystery author Barry Grant; NYPD's Highest Decorated Officer Peter Pranzo; paranormal adventurist, Lisa Rogers; author Kristine Bertini, Ph.D.; relationship expert Dr Carl Metzger; memoirist and Hollywood and London Producer, the late Harry Alan Towers; Cold War essayist Lee McCaslin and many more.
Turning Blue by Stuart Canterbury (Bear Manor Media); The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter by Barry Grant (Severn House); Blood Redeemed by Franklin Award winner Richard Sand (Durban House); On Haunted Ground by Lisa Rogers (Llewellyn Press); The Crime Magnet (Altus Books) and the Dr Fu Manchu series (Titan Books)by the late Sax Rohmer; the works of Kristine Bertini, Ph.D. (ABC-Clio); Secrets of the Cold War by Lee McCaslin (Helion); short stories by James Vanore (Untreed Reads); and, The Art of Brazilian Cooking by Cuza (Pelican Press).
Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye, Turkish Rights
Big Apple Agency, Inc. Shanghai, PRChina, Taiwan, Philipines, and Southeast Asia
Katai & Bolza Literary Agents, Budapest, Hungary
Kalina Stefanova, Sofia, Bulgaria
Eric Yang Agency, Seoul, Korea
Akcali Copyright Agency, Istanbul, Turkey and Turkish Language regions
Book Publishers Association of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
Read n Right Agency, Chalkida, Greece
Submissions should be electronic to and include a synopsis, with first 3 chapters if fiction, or a full proposal if non-fiction, and a listing of previous publishing history to include title, publisher, and year of publication.