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ArtHouse Literary Agency
ArtHouse Literary Agency

ArtHouse Literary is a full-service boutique agency with a diverse and eclectic client list. We strive endlessly to cultivate flourishing and fruitful relationships with clients and colleagues across the publishing and media industries, and we pride ourselves in offering our clients and partners the opportunity to be at the forefront of a cultural shift: from developing concepts and ideas with our authors to strategizing their long-term career goals; from selling domestic, foreign, film and other subsidiary rights to brainstorming marketing and publicity plans; and, always, advocating for our authors.

Here at ArtHouse, we're dedicated to pushing forward in the industry with diverse voices and perspectives, and we're especially passionate about finding new voices who have a unique story to tell in a way we've never seen it done before. We help build and facilitate the careers of passionate writers who seek to provoke readers and worldviews in new and innovative ways, shifting the way readers see the world, and we work hard to guide our authors through the complex publication process, securing and negotiating contracts on their behalf. We believe a good book is the perfect escape, and insightful edits are the way to get there, so we bring our extensive editorial experience and knowledge to the table for our clients in editing and polishing their work before submitting it to publishers. With a boutique frame of mind and an anti-corporate approach, we provide each of our clients with a personal touch and each of our team members with vigorous training, mentoring and support – and we do this with a radically unique championing of diversity and a tremendous amount of joy.

General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, African-American, Popular Culture
We work with highly experienced co-agents in foreign rights, film and other subsidiary rights who passionately and assertively sell translation rights on our clients' behalf. We regularly attend international book fairs and writing conferences in order to meet new and emerging talent and foreign publishers.
Latoya Smith, co-founder/agent
Felice Laverne, co-founder/agent
Shauna Turnmire, associate agent
WE DO NOT ACCEPT SNAIL MAIL QUERIES. Please send your queries through our website queries form at