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Ami McConnell

Ami McConnell is a Nashville-based writer, editor, and publishing consultant. She has served as both Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Howard Books at Simon & Schuster and as an acquiring editor for HarperCollins. She’s edited numerous New York Times and USA Today bestsellers and award-winning trade books. McConnell served on the Advisory Board of The Buechner Institute at King College and is an active member of the Women’s National Book Association. She founded and directs WriterFest Nashville. She’s also the co-author with Candace Cameron Bure of the USA Today bestseller Kind Is the New Classy (HarperCollins).

years experience: 24
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Writing, Ghost-writing, Copywriting
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Children's books, Memoir, Inspirational, Motivational, Self-help
"My experience working with Ami on Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café and The Christmas Candle has been nothing short of wonderful. She is skillful, encouraging and creative. I have nothing but a positive endorsement for her work."
Max Lucado, Pastor and Bestselling Author

"I spent 3 years crafting my life's work and was at a dead end. Almost to the point of surrendering the book and just throwing in the towel. That is where Ami McConnell stepped in. She took a skeleton of a manuscript and sculpted it into something I'm not only proud and honored to have written, but something that is helping so many people find true healing. Ami is truly a gift and incredibly talented!”
Carlos Whittaker, Author Moment Maker and Kill the Spider

"Ami McConnell is a rare talent, a savvy businesswoman with an expansive heart. She possesses as singular ability to hold a corporation's multiple (and sometimes conflicting) values at the forefront of her efforts in a way that wisely serves everyone's best interests. Whenever I lost sight of the big picture, Ami stepped in to remind me. She is a true visionary and workhorse, and I hope to work for her again someday very soon."
Erin Healy, Award-Winning Editor and Novelist

“Ami McConnell is the editor every author hopes for, because her focus is to make a manuscript the best it can be. Even when giving the firm editorial direction needed to deliver a powerful message, she is always positive, supportive and encouraging. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”
Reba Riley, Author of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

“Working with Ami has been a career highlight. She brings out the absolute best in my work, on both the macro and the micro level. I wish she could edit all my books!”
Lis Wiehl, New York Times Bestselling Author and FOX News Analyst

"It has been a privilege to work with Ami. It’s like iron sharpening iron. Ami is a talented editor."
Wm. Paul Young, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ami McConnell is simply one of the best book professionals working today! She’s an intuitive and skilled editor, always honest and always constructive. She’s a talented writer and resourceful strategist. And she’s a thoughtful and compassionate advocate for readers everywhere. My book The Faith of Dolly Parton is so much better because of Ami’s editorial expertise, encouragement, and insight. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project!”
Dudley Delffs, President of Creative Fidelity, Inc., Author of The Faith of Dolly Parton

"It was such a joy working with Ami. She's not like any editor I've ever worked with. She reads the book as an advocate for other readers. She showed me how to shift my work from an academic appeal to my peers to, instead, transform the hearts of everyday people. I couldn't have done it without her."
Bobby Schuller, Author, Lead Pastor of Shepherd’s Grove and Hour of Power

"Ami is an excellent editor. She's more like a coach than anything else because she encourages you and at the same time pushes you to the next level. We loved working with her."
David and Jason Benham, Miracle at Shreveport

"Ami’s experience, insight, and editorial direction and attention to detail are gold to authors like me. She was an invaluable champion during the writing and release of my thrillers The Progeny and Firstborn.”
Tosca Lee, New York Times Bestselling Novelist

“Ami is much-loved and highly respected among authors. I have enjoyed interacting with her over the years and have valued her commitment to raising the bar of excellence in fiction."
Donna Kehoe, Executive Director, The Christy Award

“It was a privilege to partner with Ami McConnell. She is a gifted editor who had the unique ability to deliver important (and sometimes hard to hear) insight about my writing while also inspiring me to strive for excellence. Her passion for this project was palpable, and her heart for the reader was evidenced in her attention to detail. Ami was an invaluable partner and I’d be honored to work with her again.”
Jeannie Cunnion, Author Mom Set Free

"Ami is exceptional at what she does. It was an absolute joy to work with her. She's an incredibly talented editor, skillful in every way. She made my writing come to life in a way I never imagined."
Cambria Joy, YouTuber and Author

“Ami not only has a great eye for stellar content, but brings infectious enthusiasm to the process. It’s a treat getting to work with her on my authors’ projects.”
Christopher Ferebee, Agent, Ferebee Literary

“What can I say about Ami McConnell? She is the best. She knew how to draw the finer things out of me. She both encouraged me and challenged me to go deeper. She gave me the freedom to find my own voice. She was thoughtful and contemplative about every manuscript, not looking to do a repeat of a previous work but to find the best for that story. She loved her authors. Professional and skilled, she was also a friend. Any author new or old would be blessed and better-for-it by working with Ami McConnell.”
Rachel Hauck, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Novelist

“My sincere thanks to Ami McConnell, whose sharp eye and creative thinking contributed greatly to the success of my book.”
Reverend Dr. A R Bernard, Author and Spiritual Leader, New York Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn

“Ami served as my primary editor on numerous books, and I’m convinced there is no one in the business more skilled than she. Ami is adept at helping authors make their stories more compelling, their characters more complex, and their plots more layered. She can pinpoint areas of weakness and provide suggested solutions. Not only is she incredibly insightful, but she is generous in affirming an author’s areas of strength and an absolute delight to work with.”
Denise Hunter, Bestselling Novelist

“I had the privilege of working with Ami McConnell on five of my novels. Her expertise in editing, as well as character and story development, allowed each book to go to another level. But beyond her gifting as an editor are a thoughtfulness and excellence with which she approaches each project and each individual author. She saw me. Not just my story but me, the author, impacting even my personal growth as well. She is a joy to work with and a craftsman in the gift of story.”
Denise Hildreth Jones, Bestselling Author

“Ami McConnell is an extraordinary one with a laser eye for story that is innate and can’t be learned in even the best university. I have been blessed to work with her on 40 projects, and she has shaped my writing in career-changing ways. Book by book, suggestion by suggestion, Ami taught me what it takes to craft a book that reaches hearts.”
Colleen Coble, USA Today and Publishers Weekly Bestselling Novelist

“Ami McConnell was my editor for nine books over a six-year period. She showed a true gift at every step of the publishing process, from guidance on story ideas to the editorial structure of the finished novel. What is more, she has remained a friend throughout. She matches her wisdom of the book world with a truly caring heart. She is both excellent at her work, and uniquely gifted.”
Davis Bunn, International Bestselling Novelist

"Ami McConnell sees to the heart of her projects. She doesn't just edit for grammar or punctuation (though she's great at that), she has an uncanny way of making the project better and more what it should be. She brings out the best in her authors. She has a rare ability to see both the big picture and the details necessary to get there. She is insightful, professional, affable and a delight to work with. I cannot give a higher recommendation than the one I would give for Ami."
Matt Mikalatos, Author of Sky Lantern

“Ami McConnell is one of the most gifted editors with whom I've had the pleasure to work. Like a sculptor chipping away at the marble, Ami is able to see the potential hidden in any manuscript and offer suggestions for making the final product shine. Her keen insights bring clarity and focus to any project, and her insights draw each author into a deeper understanding of their own purpose in writing. Ami understands what a book needs in order to best represent the author's intentions, and she knows what will appeal to readers. Any author who works with Ami will find themselves growing as a writer and will end up with a much better manuscript.”
Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent, Publishing Coach

“As a first-time author, I was delighted when my Literary Agent introduced me to Ami McConnell. My agent prepared me ahead of time stating ‘she is by far one of the best in the industry and that you are blessed to have her edit your work.’ My agent was absolutely spot on in his description of Ami. However, what he did not tell me is what an incredibly kind, patient, and beautiful person she is. From the onset, she treated me as an equal even though my naïveté to the publishing world was glaring! She patiently coached me through the twists and turns of the editing journey always conveying her authentic belief in me. Ami is a teacher, a coach, a cheerleader, a nurturer and an outstanding editor whose talent can take any writer's work to new level. In the end, I not only had a manuscript I was very proud of, I had a new friend and respected colleague in my life. She's the best!”
Dr. Ramona Probasco, Healing Well and Living Free

"I’ve worked with five editors during my career, but Ami has to be my favorite.  Her ideas and suggestions were always spot on.  She made each book the best it could be.  And what was particularly amazing about Ami is that she was always timely.  If she said something would be done by a certain time, it would be."
April Henry, New York Times bestselling novelist 

ghost-writing; book doctoring; proposal writing & editing; substantive edits; marketing and jacket copywriting
Wes Yoder