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Orbit, Hachette, 2021
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47North, Amazon, 2021
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Mary C. Moore
Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Inkyard, Harper Collins, 2021

Mary C. Moore represents fiction for adult, young adult, and middle grade audiences. Find out more about her at

About the agency: In 1993 Kimberley Cameron became partners with Dorris Halsey of The Reece Halsey Agency, founded in 1957. Among its clients have been Aldous Huxley, William Faulkner, Upton Sinclair, and Henry Miller. Kimberley opened Reece Halsey North in 1995 and Reece Halsey Paris in 2006. In 2009 the agency became Kimberley Cameron & Associates. Find out more at

General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Literary, Magical Realism
"I would not be the writer I am without Mary's expert advice, resilience, and encouragement! I'm lucky to have an agent who is so business-savvy when it comes to publishing, but who also has such an intuitive eye for story. Not only is she a proficient agent, her editorial guidance has challenged me to be a stronger storyteller, and now, author!" – Van Hoang

“I feel truly lucky to have Mary C. Moore as my literary agent. Not only is she an indefatigable advocate of my work, she has also been my editor, guide, adviser, and overall a wonderfully supportive and encouraging influence. Thanks Mary, for believing in my work and helping me make my publishing dreams a reality.” – Rati Mehrotra

"Mary has a rare talent for offering guidance while encouraging the writer to be creative and authentic throughout the book's journey. This is in addition to the patience and persistence she displays when advocating for her clients. I'm very fortunate to have her as my agent!" – Elizabeth Montrose

Kylie Lee Baker's THE KEEPER OF NIGHT, in which a half-reaper, half-Shinigami girl, caught between two worlds and belonging to neither, fights monsters and struggles for acceptance in a 19th-century Japan that is haunted by the goddess of death, to Natashya Wilson at Inkyard Press, at auction, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2021.

Alex Temblador's HALF OUTLAW, a magical realism story about a biracial woman's traumatic past crashing into her present, as the death of the white uncle who raised her forces her on one last ride across the country with her uncle's outlaw motorcycle club, where she will come to terms with the family she never wanted and discover family she didn't know existed, to Rick Bleiweiss and Naomi Hynes at Blackstone Publishing.

Emi Watanabe Cohen's THE LOST RYU, set in post-WWII Japan, a boy must team up with his new neighbor, a mixed Jewish/Japanese girl, to search for the truth behind his family history and the disappearance of the giant dragons that fought in the war, to Meghan Maria McCullough at Levine Querido, for publication in fall 2022.

2020 Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellow R.B. Lemberg's THE UNBALANCING, set in the same Birdverse universe as the author's FOUR PROFOUND WEAVES, in which a group of queer and nonbinary magic keepers across an archipelago must come together to save their islands from an environmental catastrophe, to Jacob Weisman at Tachyon Publications, with Jaymee Goh editing, for publication in winter 2022.

Author of MARKSWOMAN Rati Mehrotra's NIGHT OF THE RAVEN, DAWN OF THE DOVE, set in an alternate medieval India, in which a queen's bodyguard and bondswoman struggles against her unwitting role as a major pawn in the political games of a monster-filled land on the brink of war, to Mara Delgado-Sanchez at Wednesday Books, in a two-book deal, for publication in summer 2022.

Foreign rights represented by Whitney Lee of the Fielding Agency:
The Fielding Agency
1550G Tiburon Blvd, #528
Tiburon, CA 94920
(T) 310.968.6683
Kimberley Cameron
Amy Cloughley
Elizabeth Kracht
Lisa Abellera
Dorian Maffei
Closed to submissions until fall of 2021.

Please read my submission guidelines on or Use the submission form http://QueryMe.Online/Mary_C_Moore_KCA to submit. All emailed submissions will be deleted unread.

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