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"A clear heir to Stephen King, Peter Straub and Richard Matheson, J.H. Markert is an absolute architect in this dizzying, dazzling and utterly spooky descent into the mouth of madness." - Peter Farris
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agent :
Alice Speilburg
Speilburg Literary Agency
"When Stars Rain Down is so powerful, timely, and compelling that sometimes I found myself holding my breath while reading it." -Silas House, author of SOUTHERNMOST

Speilburg Literary Agency represents authors in fiction and nonfiction. Our client list includes award-winning and debut authors, to whom we offer hands-on editorial attention and business management throughout their publishing careers.

Before launching the agency in 2012, founding agent Alice Speilburg worked at a publishing company and a Brooklyn literary agency. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Authors Guild. She is currently building her client list and represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction.

years experience: 14
Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Biography, History, Health, Travel, Science, Young Adult fiction, Journalistic nonfiction
Melissa Lenhardt
Angela Jackson-Brown
JH Markert
Rebecca Zahabi
Erin Osmon
Josh Noel
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
WHEN STARS RAIN DOWN by Angela Jackson-Brown
THE COLLARBOUND by Rebecca Zahabi
JASON MOLINA by Erin Osmon

Roger Di Silvestro's THE RETURN OF THE BISON, a conservation narrative that begins in the early 20th century when the animal was hunted nearly to extinction, tracing efforts in the U.S. and Europe to save the shaggy-haired bison, from the the birth of modern wildlife conservation to today, as we now face the challenge of finding space for the bison and other large species to roam once their population has grown, to Kate Rogers at Mountaineers Books. (September 2023)

Danielle Arceneaux's GLORY BE, the first in a crime series set in the Louisiana bayou, introducing a humorously uncensored amateur sleuth who sets out to prove that the death of her best friend, a Creole nun, was actually a murder; pitched for fans of Richard Osman's Thursday Murder Club, to Jessica Case at Pegasus. (October 2023)

J.H. Markert's MR LULLABY, a dark thriller set in a small town with an abandoned and haunted train tunnel that “reawakens” as coma patients are being mysteriously killed, and only the sheriff and a young war vet trying to save his comatose brother can protect their town from the mythical sleep creatures trying to break through the tunnel, to Sara Henry at Crooked Lane. (January 2024)

Suzannah Weiss's SUBJECTIFIED, a nonfiction sexuality book pitched in the vein of YES MEANS YES! and WE WERE FEMINISTS ONCE, which offers a blueprint to counter objectification, blending cultural critique of faux-feminist movements with the author's own personal experiences of being objectified, and offering a way forward that focuses more on what women desire, and less on what men desire from them, creating space for women to see themselves as desirous beings, to Karina Jakupsdottir at Polity Press. (2025)

Erin Osmon's WON'T BACK DOWN, on heartland rock and working-class populism of the 1980s, exploring the ideals and work of such musicians as John Cougar Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, and Lucinda Williams, and their connection to anti-Reagan politics and such events as Farm Aid and the Nuclear Freeze campaign, to Matt Weiland at Norton. (2025)

TV rights for Melissa Lenhardt's HERESY, about an all-female band of outlaws in the American West, on the run from Pinkertons and rival gangs, who must finish one last heist to protect their family and avoid the hangman's noose, optioned to MGM Studios.

Audio rights for Wesley Browne's HILLBILLY HUSTLE, to Kim Budnick at Tantor.

Audio rights for Ilise Carter's THE RED MENACE: HOW LIPSTICK CHANGED THE FACE OF AMERICAN HISTORY, to Vikki Warner at Blackstone.

Chinese translation rights for The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America's THE SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME, VOLUMES I, IIA, AND IIB, to Dook (China).

Chinese: Big Apple Agency
Polish: Book/lab
French/German: Agence Deborah Druba
Italian: Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency
Spanish/Portuguese: IMC Literary Agency
UK English: Abner Stein Agency
Eva Scalzo, Literary Agent

Lindsey Smith, Literary Agent

Sera Rivers, Literary Agent

Saint Gibson, Literary Agent and Subsidiary Rights Manager

All submissions should be submitted through Alice's Query Manager site:

For fiction, please send the query letter and the first three chapters. For nonfiction, please send the query letter and a proposal, which should include a detailed Table of Contents and a sample chapter.

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