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editorial services, writer :
Alice Peck
Alice Peck Editorial

If you are a careful reader of acknowledgment pages and “special thanks” credits, you’ll find that Alice Peck has more than twenty years of experience working with authors, and has guided dozens of first-time novelists and nonfiction writers at every stage—concept, proposal, first draft, publisher’s revisions, or final draft—to completed and submission-ready manuscripts. Authors Alice has worked with have been published by Atria, Avon, Ballantine, Broadway Books, Citadel, Crown, Da Capo Press, Harmony, Harper Collins, HarperOne, Hyperion, MIT Press, NAL, Penguin, Permanent Press, Praeger, Random House, Shambhala, Simon & Schuster, and Sounds True as well as academic and independent publishers.

years experience: over twenty
rates: Phone or e-mail for a free consultation.
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Writing, Ghost-writing
General fiction, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Religion and Spirituality, Psychology, Social Issues, Buddhism, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Independent Publishing Guidance
I want to extend a mountain of gratitude to Alice Peck, who had the Herculean task of editing and arranging my spontaneous rambling into a comprehensible manuscript. Your task was great, and you performed it with tremendous care and dedication. My appreciation for you runs deep and wide.

The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life and The Direct Way


Alice Peck, our writer, editor, support, guide, and friend...kept us on track, reminded us that we had a story to tell, and from day one of working together made us feel our words were deeply meaningful.

Saje Dyer & Serena Dyer Pisoni
The Knowing: Eleven Lessons to Understand the Quiet Urges of Your Soul


I'm fortunate to work with editor Alice Peck. I wouldn't have finished my first book, Steady, Calm, and Brave, without her encouragement and talent. Alice brings decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry to her projects, and skillfully guided me from the initial book concept all the way to a completed manuscript. In addition to being an exceptional writer and editor, she is generous and thoughtful, willing to share suggestions and insights to bring my work to its fullest potential. I trust Alice’s advice and wisdom, and recommend her to anyone who wants to begin, complete, or improve their manuscript. Alice is joy work with, and I look forward to working with her again.

Kimberly Brown
Steady, Calm, and Brave: 25 Practice of Resilience and Wisdom in a Crisis


Alice Peck was so thoughtful in her approach—she challenged me not just to make mine a better book, but to become a better writer.

Lodro Rinzler
Take Back Your Mind: Buddhist Advice for Anxious Times


If it were not for the highly skilled and deeply committed editor Alice Peck, whose vision for the book exceeded my own, it would have never been rewritten and sent to Sounds True for consideration. Alice pushed me beyond my own limiting beliefs, and her wordsmithing is what has brought this dream to life. She was the potter, I was the clay.

Miles Neale
Gradual Awakening: The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human


Alice Peck brought friendship as well as fine editorial skills to our endeavor. She is a beautiful intermediary between the world you're in and the world your story comes from.

Jeri Parker
Unmooored: A Thousand Voices, Unmoored and My Seasons of Wilderness


Alice Peck walks fearlessly into the chaos of a manuscript and discerns not only its order but where its real spark is. She also has the gift of true calm—which, along with her genuine wisdom, makes the experience of working with her a joy.

Bonnie Myotai Treace
Winter Moon and Empty Branches


Alice brings her beautiful heart and delightful mind to the editorial process while offering insightful and nurturing guidance along the way. There is no editor I would personally recommend more than Alice. She’s truly a gift to work with and I’m forever grateful.

Chris Grosso
Dead Set on Living and Everything Mind: What I’ve Learned About Hard Knocks, Spiritual Awakening and the Mind-Blowing Truth of It All


Alice Peck is a gem: one of a kind. She listens deeply and edits with a deft—and compassionate—touch. A literary midwife, she will help bring out your best thinking and writing.

Jeffrey B. Rubin, PhD
The Art of Flourishing; Meditative Psychotherapy: The Marriage of East & West and Practicing Meditative Psychotherapy


Alice Peck is an editor's editor, one of the best around...a compassionate and kind human being, a delight to work with. I recommend her highly.

Peggy Kornegger
Lose Your Mind, Open Your Heart and Living with Spirit: Journey of a Flower Child

Navigating Grief And Loss: 25 Practices To Keep Your Heart Open To Yourself And Others by Kimberly Brown (Prometheus Books, 2022)

Untitled book on Chan Buddhist practice of Silent Illumination by Rebecca Li (Shambhala, 2022)

The Six Secrets to Sustainable Life Satisfaction by Dr. Jennifer Guttman (Audible, 2022)

Emotional Detox Now: 135 Self-Guided Practices to Renew Your Mind, Heart & Spirit by Sherianna Boyle (St. Martins, 2022)

Boundless Leadership: Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, & Ignite Positive Change by Dr. Joe Loizzo & Elazar Aslan (Shambhala, 2021)

The Knowing: 11 Lessons to Understand the Quiet Urges of Your Soul by Serena Dyer Pisoni and Saje Dyer (Sounds True, 2021)

The Direct Way: Thirty Practices to Evoke Awakening by Adyashanti (Sounds True, 2021)

Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France by Katie Quinn (Morrow, 2021)

Take Back Your Mind: Buddhist Advice for Anxious Times by Lodro Rinzler (Dharma Club, 2021)

Brain Storm: A Life in Pieces by Shelley Kolton, MD (FLR Press, 2021)

2207 South Green Road by Janice Spector (Two Bairns Press, 2021)

How to Train Your Human by Jon Wall (Wall2Wall Publishing, 2021)

Paradise by Karen Anne Coccioli (2021)

The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life by Adyashanti (Sounds True)

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life by Loch Kelly (Sounds True)

Gradual Awakening: The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human by Dr. Miles Neale (Sounds True)

Emotional Detox by Sherianna Boyle (Simon & Schuster)

Just Enough: Vegan Recipes and Stories from Japan's Buddhist Temples by Gesshin Claire Greenwood (New World)

Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Joy McLean (One World)

My Dear Boy: The Discovery of a Lifetime by Joanie Schirm (Potomac Books)

Dead Set on Living: Making the Difficult but Beautiful Journey from F#*king Up to Waking Up by Chris Grosso with Alice Peck (Simon & Schuster)

Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International by Charlene L. Edge (New Wings Press)

The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers including Alice Walker, Eckhart Tolle, Pam Houston, Mark Nepo, Roshi Joan Halifax, angel Kyodo williams, and more (Sounds True)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: The MBSR Program for Enhancing Health and Vitality by Linda Lehrhaupt and Petra Weibert (New World)

The Art of Flourishing: A Guide to Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Love in a Chaotic World by Jeffrey B. Rubin (Skyhorse)

The Self-Acceptance Project: How to Be Kind and Compassionate Toward Yourself in Any Situation by Tami Simon, Tara Brach Ph.D., Erin Olivo Ph.D., Kristin Neff, Rick Hanson Ph.D., Kelly McGonigal Ph.D., Sharon Salzburg, and more (Sounds True)

Practicing the Tao Te Ching: 81 Steps on the Way by Solala Towler and Chungliang Al Huang (Sounds True)

Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation by Lama Surya Das (Sounds True)

Alice is the coauthor (with Chris Grosso) of Dead Set on Living published by Simon & Schuster.

She also writes about finding the sacred in the everyday. Her books Be More Tree: A Journey of Wisdom, Symbols, Healing and Renewal; The Green Cure: How Forest Bathing, Earthing, Going Outside, or Simply Opening a Window Can Heal Us; The Secret Language of Herbs; and Mindful Beads were published by Ryland, Peters & Small/Simon & Schuster. Around the World in 80 Spiritual Journey's is forthcoming in 2022.

She is the author and editor of two anthologies published by SkyLight Paths. The Detroit Free Press called Next to Godliness: Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping “a cultural landmark exploring our changing attitudes about home.” Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food has been the subject of several blogs and radio programs. California Bookwatch called it “A poignant and thoughtful title, highly recommended.”

Before shifting her focus to publishing, Alice worked as a creative executive in film and television, acquiring books and helping writers develop them into scripts. She also story-produced and wrote documentary and reality series for networks including AMC, MTV, and Bravo. As David Brown’s director of development, Alice acquired and developed the Academy Award–nominated A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin for film and stage.

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