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New York Write To Pitch 2023
New York Write to Pitch Conference
520 8th Avenue, 16th Floor - Ripley Greer, New York, NY 10018 US

From the Heart, but Smart

- Algonkian Conferences Motto

The New York Write to Pitch 2023 combines the best of its parent conference, the NY Pitch, with another successful Algonkian Writer Conferences event from several years ago: the Write to Market Conference. Development of the novel therefore becomes an issue of paramount concern. Why? Because you can't pitch a marketable novel unless and until you've written one.

The vast majority of neophyte aspiring authors come to a writer conference with poor pitches that reflect poorly written novels. The fault can be explained by the existence of so much bad novel writing advice, as well as so many sources providing it (writer groups, newbie agents, other writer conferences. etc). The mission of the New York Write to Pitch 2023, at least in part, is to become a tie-breaking source of practical and nuanced novel writing advice, most of which is provided to the writer ahead of time by various means and can be found at Algonkian Author Connect.

Aside from development and pitching, writers also work with prose narrative models and guidelines to create competitive commercial fiction prose. Together with a focus on story premise, workable vigorous plot, and engaging professional pitches, writers at the event are placed on a realistic path to publication.

years experience: 22
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Historical, Narrative Non-fiction, Crime/Detective
I am writing to thank you for whatever sacrifices you had to make (virgins, volcanoes, first born, fatted calf) to get Paula Munier to guide a group at your March 9-13 Pitch Conference this year! She was wonderful!!!!!! She offered practical, streetwise advice, gentle editing hints, and she was marvelous at encouraging our group to bond and help one another. In addition, she was a workhorse! I figured editors and agents would go out every night and drink themselves silly. Instead, she went back to her hotel room and read and responded to revision after revision of our pitches. She even helped me with my synopsis.

- Carman Curton

The insights and learnings from the Algonkian NYC Pitch conference that I attended were instrumental in helping me find a top literary agent (Red Ink) and resulted in the publication of the very book that I arrived at the conference with. This book, now titled VICTIMS FOR SALE, was published and released worldwide by HarperCollins in 2018 and has recently been long-listed for the Bombay Film Festival awards.

- Nish Amarnath

The weekend I spent at this conference was transformational for me, and one of the best experiences of my life. It challenged my thinking, improved my craft, and helped me as a writer. Best of all, it made me feel like a writer for the first time in my life, and introduced me to a community of fellow writers with whom I am still friends today. If you ever had the desire to write professionally, and if you're willing to hear hard truths and do some serious work, I highly recommend it.

- Ben Keller

The small group format ensured I had the chance to fine-tune my query over several rounds of feedback. Susan Breen was right on the money with advice on the best comps, the genre description for my book, and how to simplify my pitch. Two of three editors I met at the Conference requested the manuscript. After the querying process I had an offer of representation from Writers House, and now a 2-book deal with Kensington Books.

- Sandi Ward


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