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writer :
William Armstrong

I am a husband of one, father of two, instructor to nine hundred, and writer known by no one. I would like to shake up that order a tiny bit. For last twelve years, I have been in charge of instructing incarcerated individuals in the importance of holistic wellness - mental, physical, artistic, and spiritual. I have been able to use my love for reading and writing to help inspire some men who have had no hope for a long time and even helped one man with copyright law so he could publish from behind bars. Well, doors is more accurate - bars went out of style a long time ago. It is one of my greatest joys to watch a man who has never been encouraged to pursue anything that might attach to him a label, finish his first painting, or play his first song.
As for writing credentials, I have one. It might not mean a lot to the world, but it means the world to me. For over a year, I was able to work with author David Hagberg before he passed away. When we first met, he said I was trash but not hopeless. In our last conversation, he said I was a little less trash, but I was ready. It took some time to recover from losing my mentor, but here we are.

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Juvenile fiction, Young Adult, Magical Realism
I have one complete YA: Magical Realism novel complete at 85,000 words that I am querying to agents.