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editorial services, editor
Gareth Cook
Verto Literary Group

From idea to finished book. From rough draft to polished manuscript. From stuck to unstuck. The Verto Literary Group helps writers transform their work so that it can find its greatest expression and the widest possible audience. We celebrate new voices and the desire to change the world through ideas and stories.
As writers and editors with decades of experience, we know how to quickly diagnose and solve problems—from conceptual architecture to narrative voice—so that authors can tackle what they set out to accomplish with energy and creativity.
We take on agented projects in fiction and serious nonfiction.

years experience: 30
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing
“Gareth takes the idea of an editor to a higher level: He not only edits for content and form, he also teaches clients the secrets of good writing. He’s brilliant, experienced, and empathic.”
Elyse Cheney, The Cheney Agency

“Alexis has an engineer’s understanding of structure, a psychiatrist’s grasp of human complexity, and a poet’s feel for language. Whenever we discussed pages I’d submitted, I felt she could see over the horizon line, past the narrative as it was and into what it might become. Thanks to her, my work has become stronger, and I have become a better writer. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a genuinely great editor.”
Anthony Marra, New York Times bestselling author of Mercury Pictures Presents and A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

“Kate empowers writers to do their very best work: Her encouragement and optimism make you feel as if you are actually capable of doing the Herculean task that lies before you. As my editor for 15 years, she helped me transform my sprawling reporting into riveting, emotionally resonant narratives. Kate’s keen storytelling instincts and fierce intellect inform every aspect of the process—from big-picture conceptual work to line edits—and she cares deeply about both the writer and the people on the page.”
Pamela Colloff, staff writer at the New York Times Magazine and reporter at ProPublica

“Gareth has a lucid intelligence, and has seen the writer’s dilemma from every direction, having been a writer and editor himself, and now an architect of book projects. He has a particular gift for discerning the structure of a story in mountains of material; it’s as if he can look at the outside of a body and see the skeleton. I would recommend him without hesitation to any writer.”
Ellen Barry, Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times journalist

“Gareth is an absolute lifesaver. Capable of managing complex storytelling, providing thoughtful framing devices for upmarket nonfiction, and building the personal connection always required for any great collaborative book project.”
Jay Mandel, William Morris Endeavor

“Verto has been an ideal collaborator for my clients and me, offering a wealth of knowledge about the underpinnings of great books. From structure, to crafting stories, to integrating research, to establishing a point of view and tuning their voice on the page, writers can depend on Gareth’s steady hand to help them realize their full potential.”
Christy Fletcher, founder of Fletcher & Company