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editorial services :
The Novel Editors
Manuscripts to Market - NYC Pitch

Two editors equal your single best chance to become published.

What differentiates the Manuscripts to Market-TNE approach and faculty credentials from the many academic instructors, former authors, ex-publishing house editors, and all others of various stripes who labor daily on hundreds if not thousands of novel and nonfiction manuscripts? In other words, why should you choose us over anyone else?

A few things to consider.

Our proven track record. We possess over thirty years experience working on the publishing side of the business as well as on the literary agent side. As a result, we are successfully networked with many literary agents and publishers in New York, and on the west coast. We work with authors to produce books that are either published by major commercial publishers and/or signed by major agencies, and unlike most freelance novel editors out of New York, we are published authors of fiction, nonfiction, and short stories who have also written extensively, and in a professional capacity, on the subject of fiction writing technique and story craft.

Our "first line to final contract" services we provide for any given project are more comprehensive and pragmatic than most other novel editing outfits (see below). Ours is a multi-step editorial process that includes significant follow-up on the initial manuscript rewrite because there is rarely any such thing as one-shot manuscript editing that results directly in commercial publication. Follow-up reviews are mandatory from our standpoint, especially if we plan on moving successfully toward the querying process. And by the way, we do not portion out our services like dim sum, and neither are we a manuscript editing factory dependent on large volume to stay in business. We only take on a small number of clients each month so that dedicated and careful editorial work on your novel or nonfiction manuscript will be accomplished by not one, but two highly experienced editors working in tandem. In our case, two editors of our caliber working on your manuscript equal your single best chance to become published.

Additionally, we have many years experience as successful workshop leaders at the New York Pitch Conference. This fact assists with us with being always connected to what the market is looking for in terms of high-concept stories and specific fictional elements (types of characters, settings, etc.). Overall, this rare combination of aforementioned expertise enables us to provide you with a unique and productive approach to your work.

If we decide to take you on as a client following our review of your goals and other pertinent information, you will receive the following array of services:

  • A preliminary written review of your novel or nonfiction based on a synopsis of your work (if you have one). This will help form a basis for our approach and also serve as a reference point enabling all parties to be in sync with what needs to be done.

  • A thorough read of your entire ms followed by development and editorial notes marked onto the manuscript itself as well as in a separate written review organized by major categories (opening hook, plot line(s), premise, character arcs, theme, etc.). The formal written review will be as long as it needs to be because the length will naturally vary for each manuscript (ranging five to 12 pages, or more). In the context of your manuscript, the review will cover all the necessary elements that pertain to writing successful novel-length fiction, including but not limited to: scene architecture and composition, pinch points and complications, dramatic rising action, suspenseful circumstance and setting elements, prose narrative style fixes, insertion of tension lines and foreshadowing.

  • An indefinite number of follow-up phone consultations with one of our editors to discuss the results and plan the rewrite of the manuscript accordingly.

  • Ongoing advice and guidance to help you acquire skills and gain knowledge required to assist with the rewrite of the manuscript.

  • Access to the first eight novel development course modules of the Algonkian Novel Writing Program in order to facilitate methodical progress on the rewriting of the ms. This is optional for the writer, but we will recommend if we believe it will speed things up in a productive manner.

  • A follow-up review of your revised and rewritten manuscript based on your new outline, opening hook, and writing samples, followed by an additional phone consult to discuss and plan.

  • If appropriate and all parties agree, we will provide assistance and guidance as needed with writing query letters to agents, as well as identifying the right mix of agents via Publisher's Marketplace. And again, if appropriate, and in consideration of the fact that as our client you are networked into the publishing business via our relationship, we will assist however we can with using our business contacts to facilitate your success.

  • Finally, we develop a professional relationship with our writers that mandates an understanding of each writer's needs. We work to develop their strengths and resolve their weaknesses. We consider it a success if we enable our clients to write with purpose and vision.

years experience: 30+ Years
rates: $3760.00 for a two-editor team and services noted below including three levels of review and agent querying.
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Narrative nonfiction, Historical fiction, Serious and light women's fiction, Literary fiction
See The Manuscripts to Market-Novel Editors website for a partial list of authors we've worked with and help launch--commercial contracts, not self-publication success stories.

Contact us at manuscriptstomarket @ with any questions you might have.

If you wish to apply, write us an email (using address above) with the subject line: "A Manuscript to Market for TNE" In the body of the mail please include the following information point by point:

  • Your full name and phone number.
  • Title(s) of your work and your best guess at the genre.
  • Are there any other works you might compare it to?
  • A short synopsis of not more than 300 words. Just tell us what it's about.
  • Your specific goals for your work (commercial, self-published, independent press).
  • Your personal goals (Career author? One memoir?).
  • Your bio of not more than 200 words.

We will get back to you within five working days on your story, and we will include comments and questions regarding your work. If you agree with our approach and commentary, then we will move forward from there.

*** Our services are editorial in nature only. Agency representation by our faculty is not an option for our clients. However, we will use our resources and knowledge to assist you with finding an agent or publisher should that opportunity arise and all parties concerned are in agreement.

See our Manuscripts to Market website for a partial list of authors we've worked with and help launch--commercial contracts, not self-publication success stories.
ORPHAN 8 by Kim Van Alkemade, DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan, ON MAGGIE'S WATCH by Ann Garvin, THE EDGE OF NORMAL by Carla Norton, and MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOW by Wendy Eckel.
Michael Neff is one of two Development Executives for AEI Films and Books in Los Angeles, and also the founder and director of Algonkian Writer Conferences and its associated events. He is actively searching for high concept projects that can be transformed into films or books, or both. Recent commercial novels he has worked on as a development editor for Algonkian include ON MAGGIE'S WATCH by Ann Garvin, MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOW by Wendy Eckel (AEI-Story Merchant), THE EDGE OF NORMAL by Carla Norton, THE BLACK PANTHERS by Gina DiNiccolo, and RISE OF THE AMERICAN CORPORATE SECURITY STATE by Bea Edwards (AEI - Story Merchant), among others. Novels ushered to commercial publication via his workshops include THE WISDOM OF HAIR by Kim Boykin, ORPHAN 8 by Kim Van Alkemade, DARK TURNS by Cate Holahan, THE GOAT WOMAN OF LARGO BAY by Gillian Royes, and THE FICTION CLASS by Susan Breen, among others. In addition, he collaborates with Macmillan Entertainment to develop new high-concept projects for both film and print. He is a story creator and a development editor for the forthcoming novel by Macmillan, MAGICIANS IMPOSSIBLE, as well as a producer for the adaptation of the novel to a television series by Fox.

In his capacity as the director of the New York Pitch Conference he works with senior publishing house editors to locate and tap potential in budding new authors working in a variety of genres including upmarket literary and general fiction, serious and light women's fiction, narrative non-fiction, historical fiction, mystery, SF and fantasy. Articles on fiction and novel craft written by Michael Neff include the Six Act Two-Goal Novel, Storyboarding Your Scene, Studies in Third Person POV, and more.

Michael also contributes as editor and publisher to several journals and literary projects, including but not limited to Del Sol Press, The Potomac Journal of Poetry and Politics, Double Room, and the Del Sol Review. His own work has appeared in such literary journals as the North American Review, Quarterly West, Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Literary Review, American Way Magazine, and Conjunctions. His novel, ALL THE DARK WE WILL NOT SEE, is published by Serving House Books. He was one of the winners of the first Imitation William Faulkner Contest sponsored by the University of Mississippi, and has served as judge for various writing contests, including the Writer's Digest Finalist Prize for best short fiction.

He is a founder, contributing editor and content provider for Author Salon and its novel writing program, and a founder and contributor to a popular writer blog known as The Writer's Edge that provides assistance to nascent authors.