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The Metadata Handbook, 2nd ed.
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An Authoritative Look at Book Publishing Startups
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consultant :
Thad McIlroy
The Future of Publishing


Thad McIlroy is an electronic publishing analyst and author based in San Francisco and Vancouver, BC. He is a founding partner in Publishing Technology Partners, along with Bill Kasdorf, Bill Rosenblatt, Bill Trippe and Ken Brooks.

He works with book publishers of all types and sizes to solve technology challenges, whether the challenge is metadata, workflow, online book distribution, SEO or publishing strategies.

Thad's website, The Future of Publishing, launched in 2006, is the most in-depth on the broad publishing industry.

With over thirty years of experience, Thad has become a well-established expert in the technology and marketing issues surrounding electronic publishing and digital imaging. He has authored a dozen books and over 250 articles on these subjects. McIlroy also served for five years as Program Director for Seybold Seminars.

McIlroy has been on the editorial board of the journal Learned Publishing and the Canadian literary journal, Geist. He is a member of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and The Authors Guild.

years experience: 30+
“Five of the publishing industry’s best known technology consultants have formed a new firm, Publishing Technology Partners…”
— Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly, April, 2018

“Thanks Thad – and thanks for your leadership in all things metadata!”
— Anne Kubek, Digital Book World, March, 2016

“As metadata expert Thad McIlroy explains, ‘You are doing your company, and more significantly, your authors, a disservice by refusing to move. Your books would gain more exposure and sales [with adoption of ONIX 3.0].’”
— Kathy Meis, Book Business Insights, March, 2016.

“We recommend the wise comments from Ben Thompson and Thad McIlroy (on the topic of ebook sales and ebook pricing)”
— Fabian Kern, Mobile Publishing: October, 2015

“We had the opportunity to catch up to Thad McIlroy, editor and founder of ‘The Future of Publishing,’ a highly-regarded website that monitors news on the digital publishing front and where digital publishing is heading.”
— Nettie Hartsock, Planet PDF Contributing Editor, November, 2009

“Through his involvement with Seybold and the books he has published Thad has distinguished himself as an expert on a technology field in constant flux.”
— Andreas Pfeiffer, The Pfeiffer Report on Emerging Trends and Technologies

MIT Press (Cambridge, MA)
Caslon Publishing (Philadelphia, PA)
The Walt Disney Company (Publishing Group) (Burbank, CA)
Hallmark Cards (Kansas City, MO)
Pearson Education (Upper Saddle River, NJ)
Perseus Books Group, Denver, CO
CourseSmart, San Mateo, CA
Thomson Learning (now Cengage), Stamford, CT
Author of An Authoritative Look at Book Publishing Startups In the U.S. (
Co-author of The Metadata Handbook, 2nd Ed.:
Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing: A Practical Guide to the Evolving Landscape,
Contributor to The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing, edited by William Kasdorf:
Via Publishing Technology Partners, I'm affiliated with Bill Kasdorf, Bill Rosenblatt, Bill Trippe and Ken Brooks