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Publish Your Nonfiction Book (Writer's Digest Books) by Sharlene Martin with Anthony Flacco
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By Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco
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literary manager/producer :
Martin Literary & Media Management
Sharlene Martin

WRITERS GUILD MEMBERS: Martin Literary & Media Management (pga member) supports the WGA strikers. If you have an idea in mind that you can't write now while on strike for film/tv, how about reverse engineering into a book? For nonfiction, you need a proposal and two chapters and ongoing outline. For fiction, you need a full manuscript. For graphic novels/illustrated children's books you should pair up with an illustrator. Check out our website at and let us know if we can help you make chateaubriand out of meatloaf during this time!

We're hiring! Looking for an experienced person in publishing (preferably with agency experience) to join our team!


Sharlene began working in television in 1993 as a partner in Martin/ Walker-Lampley Productions, a company formed with Bree Walker, a prominent CBS news anchor. Sharlene later spent time as a reality television developer for Media Savvy, and as an Assistant Casting Director for famed Casting Director, Joy Todd. Her most challenging casting project for film was the movie "Gods and Generals," with 156 speaking roles.

In 2003, Sharlene took her passion for great stories and their authors, to form Martin Literary & Media Management. Her agency has experienced extraordinary success in sales and alliances. In the 20 years since that time, her remarkable rise in the publishing industry is demonstrated by a rapidly growing list of sales to such renowned major publishers as Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, St. Martin's Press, Hachette, Simon and Schuster, as well as to a host of boutique publishers for specialized genre books.

She has represented numerous New York Times bestselling nonfiction books, including: Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six by Anthony Flacco; Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story by Shanna Hogan; Notes Left Behind by Keith & Brooke Desserich; Raffaele Sollecito’s book, Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox; HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell's memoir, I Want; Suzanne Hansen’s You’ll Never Nanny in this Town Again; MaryJo Buttafuoco's Getting It Through My Thick Skull; and The Goldman family’s If I Did It, based on the OJ Simpson murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson and the children's picture book RESCUE AND JESSICA from Candlewick.

Many of Sharlene's authors have had their books boosted as serial reprints in prestigious publications such as Readers' Digest, People Magazine, WHO, and the London Times. Other client appearances include 60 Minutes, The TODAY Show, The View, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, The Early Show, 20/20, 48 Hours, Discovery Channel, Inside Edition, The 700 Club, ET, The Insider, ABC Nightline, Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN, HLN, Discovery ID and Fox News and TLC.

She is actively doing business with a host of film and TV companies for adaptations of her clients' books and is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Hallmark Hall of Fame's acclaimed TV movie was based on her client’s book, Front of the Class. She was Executive Producer of Lifetime’s movie, The Pregnancy Project, which garnered the two top Imagen Awards for Best Primetime Movie/Special and Best Actress (Alexa Vega). She was Co- Creator/Producer of the true crime series, DEADLY SINS for Discovery ID, which ran for six seasons. She was the Co-EP with Nancy Glass Productions for a season of specials, EPIC MYSTERIES, for Discovery ID. She also served as Executive Producer for an A&E documentary, OJ: Guilty in Vegas which was based on her client, Andy Caldwell's book, Room 1203.She served as Executive Producer on the Paramount TV/ Anonymous Content HOME BEFORE DARK series on Apple TV+ with director Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians) inspired by client Hilde Lysiak, of Hilde Cracks the Case Scholastic book series. She Exec Produced the Lifetime film Secrets of a Marines Wife. All of Sharlene's producing credits can be seen at She is in active development with eight of her author's books for film and television/

She was commissioned by Writer's Digest to write Publish Your Nonfiction Book with her husband, Anthony Flacco a NYT & International Bestselling author and screenwriter. In it, Sharlene shares many of the secrets of success that she uses to counsel her own clients on their road to authorship. She is also the co-author of the book, Literary Fails: Totally (sic)! -- a selection of the worst 101 Query letters received by MLM with original artwork and snarky comments by Sharlene in response. Everything a writer should NOT do is in this little book!

Publishers, editors and writers who deal with her consistently express their joy in working with someone who is such an avid fan of good writing, as well as an enthusiastic guardian and representative of her clients' work. She employs this personal touch to all of her business relationships and credits it with her proven record of success.

Sharlene resides in a suburb of Seattle having relocated from 25 years in Los Angeles and is originally from Connecticut.
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Martin Literary is a "green agency" so all queries should be made using email/Query Tracker--no hard copies. We prefer e-mail queries in the body of the email-no unsolicited attachments please.

We do NOT represent poetry, screenplays/scripts, or short stories.

Please see our website for details on preferences and submission policies with our amazing literary managers.

PLEASE do not call and pitch your work. I can't tell how well you write by the sound of your voice!

years experience: 20
rates: 15%
Proofreading, Developmental editing, Ghost-writing
Mystery, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Children's books, African-American
Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco have used their considerable experience as a successful literary agent and widely published writer, respectively, to demystify the publishing process for nonfiction books in a way that any writer will find to be informative and enlightening. PUBLISH YOUR NONFICTION BOOK clearly explains the process unlike any other book that I know about. I’ll be recommending it to writers that I work with.
-William Shinker, Former President & Publisher, Gotham and Avery Books

PUBLISH YOUR NONFICTION BOOK is practical, straight-forward, helpful, and tells the truth about publishing! This is the perfect guide to go from dream to reality on your publishing journey. Highly recommended.
-Joel Fotinos, Former Publisher, Tarcher/Penguin

Having been in book publishing for almost forty years, I've always been surprised at the dearth of thoughtful, insightful, and informative books on the integral things a writer needs to know about publishing a nonfiction book. Well, now I've found what I think is the best book of its kind, and one that can make a tremendous difference in the lives of writers and writers-to-be. In PUBLISH YOUR NONFICTION BOOK, Martin and Flacco have used their years of experience and their insiders’ understanding to provide an easy-to-follow path to building a successful career in a volatile and competitive marketplace. It will become an invaluable classic on any writer's bookshelf.
-Roger Cooper, Former Vice-President, Publisher, Vanguard Press

If getting published is your plan, take note of a few things: Mere talent isn’t enough. Neither is tenacity. You need tools. In this insiders’ guide, Martin and Flacco open up their specialty kit of wrenches, calipers, and pneumatic nail guns. You’ll find all you need here to get started with building your literary career.
-Joel Miller, Vice President of Editorial & Acquisitions, Thomas Nelson

All our client testimonials can be viewed at our main website page.

Just a sampling here. More on our website!

Hilde Lysiak-SCOOP: A Memoir of a 13 Year old Investigative Crime Journalist (Middle Grade/Chicago Review Press)

Jane Blasio-Taken at Birth (TLC 6hr. documentary) Memoir sold to Revell/Baker Books

Jim Davidson-The Next Everest (St. Martin's Press)

Hilde Kate Lysiak- 12 year old PUBLISHER of Orange Street News--SOLD in 6 book deal HILDE CRACKS THE CASE to Scholastic and to Apple for tv series.

Nastia Liukin--Olympic Gold Medal Winner --Finding My SHINE

Jack Andraka -- Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World by Jack Andraka (Harper Collins)


RESCUE AND JESSICA: An Unlikely Friendship

IMPOSSIBLE ODDS: The Kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and her Dramatic Rescue by SEAL Team Six by Jessica Buchanan, Erik Landemalm and Anthony Flacco

Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox by Raffaele Sollecito with Andrew Gumbel

Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story by Shanna Hogan

Notes Left Behind by Keith and Brooke Desserich

IWant by Jane Velez-Mitchell

You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again by Suzanne Hansen

If I Did It on behalf of the Goldman Family

Getting it Through My Thick Skull by MaryJo Buttafuoco

See all film/tv projects from MLM at (SharleneMartin #1) I'm NOT the actress known for her scary movies with the same name as mine!
Please go to our full website to see our best known books.

See our website for book titles
Contact Sharlene Martin for full Quarterly Film/TV Catalogue or download catalogue on website.
Member of the Producers Guild of America.

Home Based Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine for a previous business she owned before working from home was re-invented by Covid!

Small Business Person of the Year award by the Chamber of Commerce.

Author of Publish Your Nonfiction Book: Strategies for Learning the Industry, Selling Your Book, and Building a Successful Career by Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco (Paperback - Nov 25, 2009, Writer’s Digest)

Sharlene Martin is available for seminars, workshops and speaking engagements.

Taryn Fagerness Agency
All film inquiries directly to Sharlene Martin, Martin Literary Management

Film/TV Catalogue of projects available upon request. Or download Rights Catalog at

Please see what each of our Literary Managers represent at our website.
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Kristen Terrette
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Client/Author Anthony Flacco is for hire as a Co-Author/Ghostwriter/Editor. Please email him directly if interested at
You can view his website at

Electronic queries only. Please see our website for Submission Guidelines. Many of our agents use Query Tracker.

Sharlene Martin only handles film/tv for existing agency clients. NO screenplays, please.

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