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design/production, publisher :
Daniel Kohan
Sensical Design / Ruka Press
Washington Book Publishers award winner

Sensical Design & Communication is your one-stop shop for all your book design and production needs. Whether you're a large commercial publisher, a nonprofit with a small publishing program, or an individual self-publishing your first book, we can help you put your best foot forward and produce books (or shorter publications) of the highest quality. We have decades of experience producing books for clients of all sizes. And we publish books of our own, too, so we know the process inside and out.

Here are a few of the publishing services we offer—all at once or a la carte.

  • Award-winning book cover design. OK, we can't guarantee your book will win an award, but some of our covers have.

  • Interior design. Simple or complex, we believe in book design that is readable and typographically precise.

  • Tables, graphs, illustrations. We love working with complicated data—seriously.

  • Copy editing and proofreading. Make sure the words are as attractive as the design.

  • Production. We sweat the details to get perfect files to the printer.

  • Print management. Whether printing 50,000 or 50, we can make sure it gets done right, and at the right price.

  • Guidance. Where do I get an ISBN? How do I make a barcode? Is print-on-demand a good way to print my book? We can help.

  • Ebook coversions. Sell your book in Apple's iBookstore or Amazon's Kindle store.

  • Supporting materials. Need postcards, business cards, flyers, a website?

Ruka Press, an independent publisher of nonfiction books based in Washington, DC, was founded in early 2010 by Daniel Kohan, the owner of Sensical Design & Communication. We publish nonfiction books on environmental and nature themes for a general audience. We do not publish fiction or poetry.

Our titles so far are Among the Ancients: Adventures in the Eastern Old-Growth Forests, Cerulean Blues: A Personal Search for a Vanishing Songbird, and Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor. We're looking for more authors with great ideas. For more information, visit Ruka Press.

years experience: 23
Cover design, Interior design & layout, Photoshop, Photo research, Production management, Web design, Web production/development
"As a new, up-and-coming, small publisher, you are very protective of your content. You want anyone partnering with you who will have creative influence to be of top shelf competence. Dan Kohan took our vision for our first title and executed a beautiful interior layout and exterior layout. He refined the cover art; he shaped the formatting for the content into professional perfection; he listened to every concern and offered solutions. 1974Media is extremely lucky to have found him and Sensical Design and Communication." —Erick Riley, publisher, 1974Media

“We love Dan’s creative cover treatment for our recent book on statistics. (Talk about a challenging assignment!) It cleverly plays off the book’s title with just the right balance of fun and sobriety, which matches the tone of the text exactly. When this statistics book hits #1 on Amazon, it will be Dan’s cover that took it there.” --Lori Woehrle, Director of Books Publishing, CASE

“Dan’s design work has given life and intensity to an important book [The Battle of Ideas in the War on Terror] on an invaluable topic. The exterior is nothing short of compelling, while the interior beautifully suggests the content and theme. Taken together, Dan’s design makes the book impossible not to pick up!” --Managing Editor Alicia Gansz, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

“The colorful and contemporary cover [of the Kiplinger Personal Finance Guide for Military Families] pops out amidst the drab military publications that most servicemembers receive, and the silhouette helps families of all ages identify with the publication, which can be a challenge with personal-finance guides. Inside, his smooth and streamlined design helped us include a lot of information in a clear and inviting way. Cool details, such as the recurring colorful arrow logo, bring all sections of the booklet together as a cohesive whole. Dan’s design adds excitement to the publication and helps attract readers of all ages. Plus, Dan is great to work with—he brought so much energy to the entire project.” --Guide author Kim Lankford, Kiplinger

More testimonials at our web site.

Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Kiplinger, National Association of REALTORS, World Bank/IFC, AARP
Books, cover and interior designer: Big Butts, Fat Thighs, and Other Secrets to Success, Laura Black. Joaquim Nabuco: His Time and His Legacy, Embassy of Brazil. My Second Campus: The Independent Almanac of Study Abroad Programs, My Second Campus LLC. Tainted Money, Iran's Dirty Banking and On the Trail of Terror Finance, Red Cell Publishing. The FDA Advisory Committee Survival Manual, 3D Communications. Medication Errors, APhA. Baseball, Fundraising, and the 80/20 Rule, CASE.
Expert in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML and CSS, Wordpress. More than 20 years in design and publishing. Awards from Washington Book Publishers, Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington. Served as a judge for the Washington Book Publishers awards, the American Jewish Press Association awards, and the American Society of Business Publication Editors awards.
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