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editorial services :
Sara Sciuto
Sara Sciuto Literary Services

I've been in the book publishing industry for over seven years, and just prior to launching Sara Sciuto Literary Services, I was an active literary agent specializing in children's books (picture books, middle grade, and YA). I began my career working on film and foreign rights with Taryn Fagerness Agency. From there, I joined Full Circle Literary where I specialized in children’s books, before joining Fuse Literary as their "kid lit specialist," where I remained until launching my literary services company.

Whether you're just at the idea stage, or already submitting a manuscript, you may find yourself in need of some extra help. The level of feedback you'll receive for each service is the same that I offered all of my agent clients. No matter what service you choose, you'll receive all the comprehensive feedback you need to take your work to the next level. As a former agent my expertise is in developmental editing (versus line editing or copyediting), so this is precisely what I offer. Developmental editing is "big picture" editing, focusing on concept, voice, character and plot development, point of view, pacing, and more. This also happens to be the level of editing that most all yet-to-be-published authors need. Whereas, line editing and copyediting typically come after an agent sells your work to a publisher (because once your project sells, guess what, the editor will most always want further revisions!). With all services, you'll receive an in-depth editorial letter, along with specific manuscript comments as "tracked changes."

As a former agent, my critique is more than a standard edit, rather it's chock-full of tips and tools from my agent arsenal, including submission tips, industry knowledge (e.g., feedback on the viability of your concept based on current market conditions and historical buying habits), advice on pitching your work at conferences, and/or general career guidance; as appropriate to each project and service. Whatever service you choose, you'll be armed with everything you need to make your project stand out from the pack, with an attention-grabbing concept and sparkly writing mechanics, so you can attract that special agent's (or editor's) eye!

Please visit my website to learn more about my available picture book (including illustrated dummy), middle grade, and YA editorial and consulting services.

years experience: 7
Developmental editing, Line-editing
Juvenile fiction, Picture Books, Middle Grade, YA
Select Testimonials from Former Agent Clients:

"As an author-illustrator, my picture book manuscripts needed help. I felt that the concepts were there, but the whole package needed... something. I couldn't quite figure out what it was that they lacked. Clarity? Simplification? Refinement? I felt that I had taken them as far as they would go on my own. Sara pinpointed precisely where the trouble areas were and gave me clear and nuanced directions to help me fix them. She has a way of gently offering criticism without being too soft. I often tell people that working with Sara was like going to grad school, without the huge price tag! With her advice, my manuscripts became succinct and flowing. I can't recommend her skills highly enough -- her expertise helped get me book deal with a major publisher. What more can you ask for?"

—Airlie Anderson, author of NEITHER (Little, Brown), CAT'S COLORS (Child's Play), MOMO AND SNAP (Child's Play)

"Sara Sciuto was agent for my picture books for two years. She began our relationship by asking me hard, insightful questions about the manuscript I had sent her, and by telling me things about how the market had changed since my last picture book had sold a few years before. Then, after I'd reworked it along the lines she'd given me, she sold it. In two weeks. This. Does. Not. Happen.

We've worked on several other projects since, and I've learned to trust her insights, even on the rare occasions when I didn't want to agree with them. I'm waiting now to hear from a major New York publisher with an offer on another book Sara helped me edit.

Publishing seems to be getting crazier by the year -- or by the season -- and a writer needs all the help they can get. The writer who takes advantage of Sara's services can expect to get what I got: honest and insightful criticism, and the kind of up-to-date market information that is hard for writers, especially new ones, to find. Sara Sciuto can help you to a tight, polished manuscript that an editor will recognize as quality work. I speak from experience.

—Douglas Rees, author of EDNA, THE VERY FIRST CHICKEN (Holt/Macmillan), VAMPIRE HIGH (Delacorte), LIGHTNING TIME (DK Ink), GRANDY THAXTER'S HELPER (Simon and Schuster)

As an agent, my client list included authors of novelty/baby books and picture books (text-only authors, as well as author-illustrators), early readers/chapter books, middle grade, and young adult novels. Some of my books sold include: I DON'T WANT TO BE A FROG (picture book; Doubleday/Penguin Random House), EDNA, THE VERY FIRST CHICKEN (picture book; Holt/Macmillan), ALIENS GET THE SNIFFLES, TOO (picture book; Candlewick), NEITHER (author-illustrated picture book; Little Brown), THE WORLD'S GREATEST CHOCOLATE-COVERED PORK CHOPS (middle grade; Disney Hyperion); PLAYING JULIET (middle grade; Sky Pony/Sky Horse), and THE SKY BETWEEN YOU AND ME (YA novel in verse; Sourcebooks).
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