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agent :
Samantha Bagood
Samantha B. Literary

About Samantha B. Literary
Samantha B. Literary is a boutique literary agency representing children's and young adult fiction. The mission: Go where great stories exist, discover talent, and champion clients' careers passionately and strategically.

About Samantha
My agenting career began when I joined Adams Literary in 2012, where I brought a unique combination of editorial, web and design skills thanks to my experience as a book reviewer and freelance writer and designer. That combination continues to influence my agenting practice today.

With a hands-on approach, I am able to champion clients through every stage of their career--from editorial to branding to sales and the licensing of subsidiary rights.

About her Wishlist
I gravitate towards books that are emotionally and thoughtfully evocative, and books that push me to the edge of my seat. I look for unforgettable characters and relationships, rich world-building and compelling voices. I also love to see unique narrative styles and mixed formats. I adore a sweeping romance, but don't find it necessary for every book.

I am interested in all forms and genres of children's and young adult books, from picture books to young adult, and YA memoirs to graphic novels. I am particularly looking for more diversity in books, especially in the main cast of characters. For middle grade and young adult, I would love contemporary, gut-punching stories set in worlds as diverse as ours today, along with high-energy adventures, fantasies and sci-fi with vivid and expansive settings. For chapter books, I am looking for high-concept, fun, timeless characters and lots of heart.

At the end of the day, I want to see books that leave an impression long after the last page is turned, and books that make you want to re-read.

To learn more about me and Samantha B. Literary, please visit

Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Young Adult
Member of:
Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)
Italy: Gabriella Ambrosioni Srl
Turkey: Akcali Agency
All else: Please contact Samantha.
Samantha B. Literary only accepts electronic submissions through the linked form here, and only accepts queries for completed projects. Please include your query and the first 30 pages of your manuscript. (For picture books or early readers, please include the full text. For graphic novels, 2-3 sample spreads.)