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writer :
Rowena Cherry
PO Box 7301, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-9998 US
Ebook, self-published after e-rights reverted.

Knight's Fork is available for movie, tv, foreign.
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My goal as an author is to give good value. I expect to provide my readers with six to eight hours of amusement, a couple of really good laughs, a romantic frisson or two from the sensual scenes, a thoroughly satisfying Happy Ever After, and something to think --and talk-- about when the book is finished, and possibly some useful information.

All my titles are chess puns. "Forced Mate" is from Pandolfini's term for a race between the two Kings to make a pawn his Queen. In chess terminology "Insufficient Mating Material" is when the players realize that no matter how badly or well they play, no one will checkmate the other. A "Knight's fork" is when two or more pieces are threatened simultaneously, and only one can be saved.

Visit Rowena online at
Rowena Cherry

years experience: 15
rates: "Carpe Scrotum. Seize Life by the Testicles." —Electra-Djerroldina

The Queen Consort of the Volnoth needs a sperm donor, and only one green-eyed god has the right stuff. Little does she know she has pinned all her hopes on the crown jewels of the fabled Royal Saurian Djinn. Not only is he the son of her greatest enemy, but he has taken a vow of chastity.

"When forced to choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before… SEX." —'Rhett

The Saurian Knight is caught between a problem father who has all the moral integrity of a Mafia Don, and a married Princess who would stop at nothing to have his seed in her belly. No matter which way he turns, he's "forked."

"Why would a male both hope for and fear a lover? ...Ah! Inexperience perhaps?" —Tarrant-Arragon

Taking the wrong the wrong place, at the wrong dangerous. And when the High and Mighty intervene, it can be fatal. Can true love and a pure White Knight's virtue triumph, when society loves a right royal scandal? ISBN 0-505-52740-5 ISBN 978-0-505-52740-0

Entertaining, fascinating, exotic.... and exploding with pent up sensual tension.

~ Susan Kearney, USA Today best selling author of SOLAR HEAT

A stellar ride through far-reaching outer space and the inward roads of personal inner space... Cherry's trademark style of space skullduggery continues to amaze me...

~ Brenda,

I never laughed so hard in my life at the antics of Tarrant-Arragon and Djarrhett in this book, Knight's Fork. Poor 'Rhett is in a terrible position thanks to Tarrant-Arragon, and it is made even worse by his father's attempts to benefit and manipulate the matter to his own ends. Add to that, misunderstandings and meddlesome women, and Rowena Cherry gives us yet another fantastic read!

~ Rose Brungard, Romance at Heart

Writing, Fiction writing
Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Science Fiction Romance and/or Futuristic Romance
Book Review

Knight's Fork
Rowena Cherry

Knight's Fork by Rowena Cherry is a taut and heady romance story of epic proportions. Move over Helen of Troy and Paris, you've been bested by Rhett and Electra. I recommend this sci-fi romance to anyone who enjoys emotional chess and divining astrological tarot cards. Five stars!

"Creator" Cauldwell

Voices of the People - United We Roar!

"Knight's Fork has substance, intelligence, characters I really cared for and is a romantic tale with a satisfying HEA. I may not know much about chess but I know a good book when I read one and Knight's Fork delivers the goods."


"Rowena Cherry is a brilliant writer. Blending humor and romance is much harder then most people believe and she does it effortlessly."

—Sarah Gentili,

Rowena Cherry is one of the best sub-genre writers due to her skill at placing the heroic characters in impossible scenarios

~ Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

For those of you who read and enjoyed FORCED MATE, the long awaited story about Commander Jason is finally here and what a story it is! It was well worth the wait! I highly recommend running to get this book the minute it hits your local book store!

~Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

... a powerful romance laced with devastating family secrets, treachery and a sizzling passion hot enough to singe your fingers as you turn the pages. Ms. Cherry pens a compelling plot with vivid imagery and fascinating characters that will leave you breathless. Ms Cherry has become an auto buy author for me.

~Billie Jo, Romance Junkies

I really like Cherry's writing; it is literate and fast moving, with active imagery, and it challenges the reader.
~ Jean Cooper, reviewer, Fallen Angel Reviews

***** Five Stars!
Excellent adventure and highly recommended!


This book has one of the best ending sequences. Ms. Cherry has created a seriously evil villain. Trust me, INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL is a book you don't want to miss. Be sure to check out the back-story in Rowena Cherry's FORCED MATE.

~bookmaedin, for

Stellar wit, wonderful characters and amazing research into basic and not so basic survival techniques make for a very real and relatable environment for the prince and princess. This was without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2006!

~Kenda Montgomery.

More about the lives and loves of the Great Djinn:

2006 Eppie Finalist

2005 PEARL Finalist, Best SF Romance or Futuristic

2005 PEARL Awards, Honorable Mention, Best New Author

2005 Affaire De Coeur Readers/Reviewers Choice Awards, Finalist

2004 JADA Press Book Of The Year Awards, Honorable Mention

5 Stars! Well done and very romantic... a true page turner!
~ Cindy Lynn Speer, Affaire De Coeur

4 Stars. FORCED MATE is a highly unique, funny and sexy read. This is an author with a bright future

~ Jill M Smith, reviewer Romantic Times

"A fascinatingly original page-turner!"
~Susan Grant, NYT best-selling author

"A total hoot one of the best and funniest Sci-Fi Romances I've read."

~Linnea Sinclair, RITA award-winner


2006 BEST BOOKS award for E-Fiction

2006 PEARL Awards, Finalist -- Best Novella

2005 Preditors and Editors Poll --Fourth Place

It's a racy, razor edge of a tale, which will leave you amazed.
~ Deborah MacGillivray, author of A Restless Knight

"This is an incredible tale! ... I have no doubt that after reading this you will look up Rowena Cherry's other books. They're all this good!

~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

4 Stars. This prequel to FORCED MATE pits brother against brother. Both want to mate with the lovely Helispeta....This is a well-wrought and fast-moving tale.
~ Donna M Brown, Romantic Times

One of the hardest things for a writer to do is develop a "voice". It's that unique narrative you 'hear' when you read an author, very similar to a fingerprint, marking that author has developed their own style. Rowena Cherry has that in spades, and it's spiced with a very special brand of humor, which sets her apart. She creates a strong world for her series (Mating Net, Forced Mate, and Insufficient Mating Material) for Dorchester's Love Spell. While you will enjoy reading Knight’s Fork alone, I highly recommend you get all the stories and read them in order, to get the full enjoyment out of Cherry world-building Sci-Fi /Futuristic romances, whose titles are based on Chess moves."

~Deborah MacGillivray

Rowena Cherry

INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL has won the CAPA award, the Fantasm, the Night Owl Romance, and the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival in the Romance genre category.

Rowena's next alien djinn romance will be released by Dorchester's LoveSpell imprint on September 30th 2008

Pearl Award finalist -- Best Futuristic

Forced Mate
Pearl Award Honorable Mention--Best New Author
EPPIES -- finalist, Best SFR/Futuristic
Eppie Finalist Forced Mate
JADA 2005 --Honorable Mention

Winner of USABOOKNEWS Best E-Book,Fiction;
Pearl Award finalist, SF Romance
=4th Pred Poll, short Romance

Mating Net
Look out for the HIDDEN IMAGE cover contest in February 2007


Electronic rights
Movie rights

2006 Eppie Finalist
2005 PEARL Finalist, Best SF Romance or Futuristic
2005 PEARL Awards, Honorable Mention, Best New Author
2005 Affaire De Coeur Readers/Reviewers Choice Awards, Finalist
2004 JADA Press Book Of The Year Awards, Honorable Mention


Print rights
Movie rights

2006 BEST BOOKSaward for E-Fiction
2006 PEARL Awards, Finalist, Best Novella
2005 Preditors and Editors Poll, Fourth Place

Movie rights for Insufficient Mating Material

Movie rights for Knight's Fork

"I think Rowena's true skill is that she weaves this intricate world of aliens and sex just the same way J.K. Rowling weaves the world of Wizards."

—Desiree DiFabio,

"Kudos - romance lovers, this story is very good. Not only are the characters wonderfully drawn but the passion sizzles. Combine this with Ms. Cherry's lovely writing voice, Forced Mate will have you entertained for hours.
I ended my reading of this story thinking to myself, 'there must be a sequel', and there is."

—T.J. Killian, Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction

"This delightful romp has everything a romantic heart could hope for: a powerful but tender prince, a wily warrior princess, enough imperial intrigue to confuse even the CIA, and a British mercenary valet who ranks among the funniest characters ever to grace the written page. Better yet, it has a sequel."

—Em Sky

Robert G Diforio
D4EO Literary agency
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