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Casper the Friendly Ghost
(c) Harveytoons. And he's friendly NOW--a run-in with @ChuckNorris will do that to a little bald white guy! P.S.: The head animator for this cartoon also drew my HS mascot, the Page HS Sand Devil #trivia
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The (Mis)Adventures Of A Red-Pilled "Ghost" Author
by:  Missye K. Clarke
An Underdog Author Drafting Underdog Mysteries
March 5, 2018

Hello, Happy Humans!!!!

Yeah, ladies and gents, 'tis I. Didja miss me?

Oh, gosh, SO much has happened to me since this blog's gone off air. Dark, away, poof--dare I say it?--ghost! So, let's get right to it.

Yes, I'm still working on JERSEY DOGS, but, thank Zeus, it's thisclose to seeing the light of its published--finally!--day. I'll upload it to BookBaby's site the weekend of the middle of this month, have a book proof before the end of this month, and the book's e-book links live by then, too. But, the book's been professionally edited, and now in formatting stage. Yeah . . . that shit was a learning curve unlike I never want to weather again. I'd rather cover design, to be honest and I'll budget funds to have somebody format my forthcoming Casebooks.

Then, sad to say--and there's no real gentle way to put this, so here goes--several family members died in the past three years. My husband's brother in June 2015, for one. Three days later, though we didn't know until January of 2017, his then 88 year-old mama, who'd been in ailing health for a good number of years. Then my auntie this past September, but I didn't find out until three months later, in December. My car died in the fall of 2015, and winter of 2016, I lost my book deal for the Casebook mysteries (a blessing in disguise, turns out. Never, EVER submit your work to a house that once exclusively took erotica).

And fast forward to this past year. Did you get throat-punched by that nasty flu going around since last October? So did my husband and I-two days before Christmas. It hit us so hard, fast, and intense, we honestly didn't know what slapped us until we took time to assess five days into that swamp/fog/real-time, non-psychedelic haze. Were it not for us being on a regular regimen of INFOWARS vitamins and supplements, I'm convinced one or both of us would've ended up in the hospital. As it was, it took a good two months to recover from whatever that was--maybe ten days back, if we're counting days. And I say whatever that was because it could've been the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, or an upper respiratory infection. We still don't know what we had, even after all that. All we know was that we were sicker than dogs.

And . . . which brings us to today. A day that'll live in my memory--like the days my kids were born, the day I was married, the day I graduated high school. The day(s) my favorite relatives died. But today is special.

I'm Missye K. Clarke. Officially. Judge-decreed, officially. The only Missye K. Clarke in Pennsylvania, officially. Spent almost $400 changing this I-hated-the-hell-out-my-birth-name-since-I-could-remember name to something I could live with, love with, enjoy. It feels like a divorce, too--leaving my "name ex" so I'm free to marry my longtime name-lover (about time, too; I've had "Missye K. Clarke" since 2002!). My remaining living uncle likes it. Another author does, too. And, no, sadly, I'm no relation to the late Arthur C. Clarke, although I wish. I could sure use some of that estate's coin--and connections.

So I'm back, fellow readers, writers, authors. I #GotWoke, #RedPilled, and three years older. But though I'm still writing, I'm snarkier, brasher, and sassier than ever--especially when it comes to keeping the basic tenets of freedom, free. So if you wish, keep reading this blog . . .I promise you'll always leave laughing, shaking your head with "This b*tch is crazy!" thoughts--been called worse!--or maybe persuaded to my perspective.

It's so good to be home.

~ Missye

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A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R

Missye K. Clarke has been writing since her mid teens. An avid reader since the age of three, it was a matter of time before natural curiosity and a shamelessly animated imagination sparked her writing adventures. She’s a die-hard fan of quality and old-school cartoons, loves most animals, nature, travel, always loves a great kiss, good beer and mixed drinks, and spirited conversation. Her novel, JERSEY DOGS, the first of the McGuinness/Pedregon Casebooks, is set for release this spring in e-book and print editions. Under her M.K. Clarke handle, HOLLY-JOLLY MUDER: A Threesome of Magic Mystery, will release December, 2018.