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writer, ghost, editorial :
Sally Collings
Bestselling author and award-winning editor, Sally Collings

With 20+ years’ experience in book publishing, Sally Collings knows what makes a great book – and she knows how to write them. Former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books, Sally now works as a ghostwriter, developmental editor and book producer, and has created award-winning books and bestsellers for the world’s leading publishing houses as well as for private clients. Her passion is for writing stories with a purpose: a wellness guide for parents-to-be, member stories for a charity, a father-son health odyssey.

Her core strengths include:
• Writing and editing self-improvement titles and other prescriptive non-fiction, creating books that make a tangible difference for their readers
• Crafting book proposals with strong publisher appeal
• Accurately and compellingly capturing her co-authors’ voices on the page
• Conducting in-depth interviews, extracting deep insights and fresh revelations
• Deep understanding of the entire publishing process and the demands of the market
• Subject specialization – demonstrated expertise in creating bestselling narrative non-fiction, particularly in the areas of wellness and family life

Australian-born, she now calls California home, residing in the Bay Area with her husband, children, and one calico cat.

years experience: 25
rates: Please request a quote for the most accurate fee on your project.
Book Doctor, Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book packaging, Writing, Ghost-writing
Biography, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle
“I enjoyed every minute of work with Sally Collings. She is a seasoned business writer, but I hesitate to box her in with that label … Sally is among the best. She is an excellent interviewer and a great storyteller who can find the crux in almost any story ... She is a pleasure to work with: always prepared, courteous and dedicated. I can only congratulate her next client for having the good sense and discernment to bring her aboard.”
– Suzanne Stroh, Research Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

“I will always remember our collaboration as a wonderful highlight of my writing career. I remember all of your amazing work and your resilience with a fairly determined author ... and how I came to trust you implicitly.”
– Pamela Williams, Award-Winning Journalist And Author (Killing Fairfax)

“Sally took on a very difficult project – co-authoring a book with me after I suffered a stroke and have limited communication. She has been fantastic to work with. Great communicator. Great writer. Has become a great friend. Can't thank you enough, Sally.”

– Debra Meyerson, Stanford professor and stroke survivor

“I had the absolute pleasure of having Sally Collings work with me on my memoir, The Long Road to Overnight Success. Her ability to organize, structure, perfect, and polish my stories with ease was astonishing. We began as collaborators, but I ended up as a fan of her incredible talent.”
– Shane Jacobson, Actor and Author

“Sally is not only one of the most brilliant writers and editors, she’s a pleasure to work with.”
– Fiona Henderson, Head of Non-Fiction, HarperCollins Publishers

Simon & Schuster
St Martin's Press
Chronicle Books
HarperCollins Publishers
Secrets and (Happy) Surprises of the First Year with Robert C. Hamilton (St. Martin’s Press, for release 2018)

Michael O’Brien, Shift (Greenleaf Book Group, 2017)

Family Spirit (Chronicle Books for Glenfiddich/William Grant, 2015)

Pamela Williams, Killing Fairfax (HarperCollins Publishers, 2013)
Winner of the 2013 Walkley award for non-fiction book
‘An incisive, hard-hitting and utterly compelling exposé of media, powerful mates and multimillion-dollar deals.’

Shane Jacobson, A Long Road to Overnight Success (ABC Books, 2013)
Instant #1 bestseller

Kristian and Rachel Anderson, Days Like These (HarperCollins Publishers, 2012)
“Kristian was an inspiration to us all, the way he handled cancer with fierce grace. I was so moved after meeting him and seeing how much he appreciated his family, and every precious moment. He taught us how to LIVE with cancer. The Light he left on earth will not be dimmed by his passing.”
– Oprah Winfrey

The Simple Things with Antonia Kidman (ABC Books, 2012)
“… It is, on one level, a roll-call of strategies to streamline your life, and therefore enhance it. On a far more captivating level, the book … encourages readers to discover their untapped reserves of strength to cope with life's challenges.”
– Sun Herald

Sophie's Journey (HarperCollins Publishers, 2007)
Over 60,000 copies sold in the Australian market alone, an immediate bestseller.
“… Vivid images, layer upon layer, give this book an eyewitness feel. Sophie’s Journey is both a harrowing and inspirational story, with a little girl’s sunny personality and strength of character in sharp relief to her circumstances.”
– Courier Mail

Shay Butler & Gavin Butler, Fat Dad, Fat Kid (Simon & Schuster, 2015)
#1 in Children’s Health and Health Audiobooks on Amazon (January 2016)
Trade industry experience including:
* Founder + CEO, Red Hill Publishing (USA)
* Associate Publisher, Non-fiction, HarperCollins Publishers (Aust)
* General Manager (Publishing), Focus Publishing (Aust)
* Editorial Director, Amber Books (UK)
* Managing Editor, News International (UK)
* Executive Editor/Program Manager, Websters Multimedia (UK)

Academic qualifications including:
* MA in Literature & Communication (Murdoch University)

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