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agent :
Steven McCullough
QuickFire Talent Agency

QuickFire Talent Agency provides explosive opportunities to the creative minds that are often overlooked.

We are always searching for and entertaining Queries and Pitches from the "Everyday Joes" of the world who have something undeniable to offer. Whether professional and prepared or a Diamond in the rough, our business thrives on securing real talent at all stages of life, both potential and kinetic.
QuickFire exists to connect these "Joes" with the world and the world with them.

We work with a variety of publishers and artists alike.

For Artists: QuickFire is currently seeking Literary works in all fields of Fiction. We aren't looking for your run-of-the-mill acts that can deliver cookie cutter messages, plots, twists, etcetera. We are interested in those authors who believe they have something truly dynamic to offer, something fresh and provoking, something from the depths of the soul.

For Publishers: We at QuickFire take all the necessary steps to ensure that our artists are ripe and ready for the world of publishing before they are offered on silver platters. We finetune all details to ensure that Publishers can hit the ground running with a work that is sure to make waves and provide substantial revenue. We understand as well as any that a good book isn't worth much until it lands a profit and a subsequent following. QuickFire sets the scene in the best possible ways to prepare publishers for just that.

Interested? Check us out at

years experience: 5+
General fiction, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction
Steven C McCullough, Lead Agent,, 731.446.0153

Karson Whatley, Lead Agent,

Submissions must be sent via email to any of our lead agents.
Include the following:
Title Email as "Query - NAME"
Do Not send any attachments
Begin with a Query Letter (Not sure what that is? Google it.)
Type the synopsis of the story, followed by the first five pages. (Times New Roman, 12pt, Double spaced)
CRITICAL*** - Tell us in a short paragraph why you wish to be published.

That's it. Send us what you have and we'll tell you if it's QuickFire quality.