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publisher :
Tanya Crosby-Straley
Oliver Heber Books

Beginning January 2023, OHB will begin accepting new-book submissions for our Primera imprint. We’re seeking historical mysteries, Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, and Rom-Com.

While we publish and specialize in women’s fiction, romance, fantasy, historical mysteries, cozy mysteries, and suspense, we are not currently accepting new book submissions for any genre outside the above. Inquiries are always welcome, however, as of January 2023, our white-glove program for backlist management will be by invitation only.

Currently, we only accept agented submissions.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

We do not accept partial submissions.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT Inspirational/Christian Romance, Children’s Books, Poetry, Biography/Autobiography, Comic, Manga, Cookbooks, DIY, or Self-Help, Short stories. We also do not accept partial manuscripts.

Specific Submission Calls:

We favor stories with strong-savvy heroines
Detective stories (particularly with female sleuths)
Regency or Victorian Romance
Own voices and stories with diversity
We read everything that is submitted to us, however, because of the volume of submissions and the size of our team, we cannot give you a detailed response with editorial feedback. Submission emails are answered as time allows. When you are ready, send submissions to:

years experience: 11
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction