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foreign rights agent :
Marleen Seegers
2 Seas Agency

2 Seas Agency is your gateway to the international publishing scene.

Our activities include:

We handle foreign rights on behalf of an exciting variety of publishers and agencies and a select number of authors from around the world.

Our publishing clients include French publishers Allary Editions, Editions de la Martinière Littérature, and Le Livre de Poche-Préludes Editions (Hachette Livre), North American publishers and agents OR Books, Kleinworks Agency, Ideapress Publishing and The Rights Factory, and Dutch publishers Meulenhoff-Boekerij and Hollands Diep.

We are the exclusive film & TV scout for Atlas Entertainment, for literary works from around the world excluding the USA and the UK.

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years experience: 10
"Once again, your work amazes me. Everything about it. The quality of your website, your submissions, your way of communicating, the angles with which you approach literature as well as your commercial sense. Finally, a breath of fresh air among our old methods! Congratulations to you." ~ Zéline Guéna, Literary Scout, France

"We adore your fresh and energetic way to sell rights!" ~ Iina Tikanoja, Acquiring Editor Foreign Fiction, Gummerus Publishers, Finland

"I’m so impressed by the way you present your titles – you really are the consummate professional and I admire your energy!" ~ Lucy Abrahams, Literary Scout, UK

"Your monthly newsletters are extremely interesting. Keep sending it to us because it includes some valuable news items and insights on the publishing scene in other countries." ~ Moshe Triwaks, Publisher, Matar Publishing, Israel

- Thomas Piketty, WHY SAVE THE BANKERS? And Other Essays on Our Economic & Political Crisis: North American rights to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Audio rights to Audible, in a pre-empt; Dutch rights to De Bezige Bij; Swedish rights to Volante; Finnish rights to Minerva.

- LA-Times Book Award winner Riad Sattouf, THE ARAB OF THE FUTURE series: North American rights to Metropolitan/Henry Holt, in a pre-empt; UK & BC rights to Two Roads/John Murray Press; German rights to Knaus/Randomhouse, at auction; Spanish & Catalan rights to Salamandra, at auction; Italian rights to Rizzoli-Lizard, at auction; Dutch rights to De Geus, at auction; Brazilian Portuguese rights to Intrinseca, at auction; Portuguese rights to Teorema; Korean rights to Humanist, at auction; Norwegian rights to Minuskel; Swedish & Danish rights to Cobolt, at auction; Finnish rights to WSOY, at auction; Croatian rights to Fibra; Slovenian rights to Literatura.

- Hendrik Groen, THE SECRET DIARY OF HENDRIK GROEN, 83 1/4 YEARS OLD: North American rights to Grand Central, at auction; UK & BC rights to Michael Joseph/PRH, at auction; Italian rights to Longanesi, in a pre-empt; German rights to Piper, in a pre-empt; Spanish rights to Roca, in a pre-empt; French rights to Presses de la Cité, in a pre-empt; Catalan rights to Ara Llibres; Greek rights to Patakis; Swedish rights to Wahlström & Widstrand, at auction; Korean rights to Moonhak Soochup, at auction; Finnish rights to Gummerus; Brazilian Portuguese rights to Planeta Brasil; Portuguese rights to Jacaranda, at auction; Serbian rights to Dereta; Polish rights to Albatros, at auction; Lithuanian rights to Alma Littera; Slovenian rights to Mladinska Knjiga, at auction; Norwegian rights to Vigmostad & Bjørke, at auction; Icelandic rights to Bjartur, at auction; Hungarian rights to Libri, at auction; Turkish rights to Can, at auction; Chinese simplified rights to Thinkingdom; Estonian rights to Eesti Raamat; Danish rights to People’s Press, in a pre-empt; Bulgarian rights to Bard, at auction; World Arabic rights to Al Kotob Khan, in a pre-empt; Romanian rights to Art, at auction; Chinese complex rights to Commonwealth Publishing; Bosnian rights to Šahinpasic.

As of 27 July 2017:

Ackerman, Angela & Puglisi, Becca The Rural Setting Thesaurus and The Urban Setting Thesaurus: Taiwan (Solution Publishing/Eurasian Publishing Group)
Escande, Ludovic, Climbing Mont Blanc (L’ascension du Mont Blanc): Germany (Malik, in a pre-empt)
Glucksmann, Raphaël, Our France (Notre France. Dire et aimer ce que nous sommes) and Generation Hangover (Génération gueule de bois, Manuel de lutte contre les réacs): Greece (Polis, two-book deal)
Musso, Guillaume, An Apartment in Paris (Un appartement à Paris): the Netherlands (A.W. Bruna)
Ricard, Matthieu & Singer, Wolf, Beyond the Self. Dialogues between a Neuroscientist and a Buddhist Monk: the Netherlands (Milinda)

JUNE 2017

Abdolah, Kader, The House of the Mosque (Het huis van de moskee): Albania (Fan Noli)
Barbeau-Lavalette, Anaïs, The Woman Who Ran Away (La femme qui fuit): the Netherlands (Querido)
Bhargava, Rohit, Non-Obvious: Brazil (HSM Publishing)
Caboni, Cristina, The Garden of Secret Flowers (Il giardino dei fiori segreti): France (Presses de la Cité)
Emma, Another Look. A Bunch of Stuff to See Things Differently (Un autre regard. Trucs en vrac pour voir les choses autrement): Greece (Potamos)
Escande, Ludovic, Climbing Mont Blanc (L’ascension du Mont Blanc): Italy (Einaudi, at auction)
Halter, Marek, Eve (Ève): Serbia (Vulkan)
Marquis, Serge, The Day I Truly Loved Myself (Le jour où je me suis aimé pour de vrai): Italy (Sperling & Kupfer, in a pre-empt)
Marsons, Angela, Lost Girls and Play Dead: Iceland (N29, in a two-book deal)
Polman, Linda, Death Row Dollies: Living with the Death Penalty: Egypt and Gulf Countries (Dar Oktob)
Dr. Singla, Aneesh, Why It Hurts? A Physician’s Insights on The Purpose of Pain: Spain (Kailas Editorial), Mexico (Ediciones B Mexico, Spanish Latin America), Taiwan (Aquarius)
van Calmthout, Martijn, Sam Goudsmit. The Hunt for Hitler’s Atom Bomb (Sam Goudsmit. Zijn jacht op de atoombom van Hitler): USA (Prometheus Books, WEL)

MAY 2017

Dickie, Tenzin (ed.), Old Demons, New Deities. Twenty-one Short Stories From Tibet: the Netherlands (De Geus)
Stellar, James, Education that Works: Egypt (Arab Nile Group, World Arabic)

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For a list of our sub-agents please consult
Marleen Seegers, Founder & Owner
Chrysothemis Armefti, Junior Agent