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publisher :
Richard Skalstad
Colonus Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 10249, Spokane, WA 99209

Colonus Publishing Inc. is a literary small press in Spokane, Washington. It is currently accepting submissions of nonfiction for its Colonus House imprint and fiction and poetry for its Colonus Publishing imprint. Guidelines for submissions can be found at the press's website:

Colonus Publishing, Inc. is offering the following writing prizes:

The Leaving Parma Prize in the amount of two thousand dollars for a work of creative nonfiction that in its originality resembles Leaving Parma, closing date December 31, 2018.

The Agonistes and Farmhouse Prizes in the amount of three hundred dollars each for personal essays about the life of Richard Nixon.

Contest rules can be found at

years experience: seven
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Biography, History, Mind/body/spirit, Travel, Lifestyle, Sports, African-American, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Poetry
Leaving Parma, a memoir by Angie Sarich; Lawyers in Love, a noir legal thriller by Rich Skalstad, Fudge Day, a holiday story by Rich Skalstad; and The Sliding Glass Door, poetry by Portland radio personality Scott Poole, are available through the Colonus Web site for 17.95 each plus 3.95 for shipping. Sales tax is applied to purchasers only in the state of Washington.
Fudge Day, a holiday story by Rich Skalstad, with ten new illustrations by the artist Valen, was released during Thanksgiving of 2012. The CD of Scott Poole reciting the complete text of The Sliding Glass Door with his unique and incisive Poolian commentary was released in Spokane in April of 2013 at the Lincoln Center and is available at the same 17.95 price plus shipping and applicable tax. Charon's Keep, the second book in The Jones Trilogy, is scheduled for release in 2019. The Christmas Ship, the sequel to Fudge Day, and Girl from Carcosa, the final book of The Jones Trilogy, are both scheduled for release in 2018.