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agent :
Maggie Riggs
The Riggs Agency LLC

The Riggs Agency is a boutique agency founded by Maggie Riggs that specializes in literary fiction. We take on select non-fiction projects including creative non-fiction, essay collections, and memoir. Maggie is drawn to manuscripts that are inventive, and push boundaries--of form, genre, culture, and beyond. She especially appreciates voice-driven work in both fiction and non-fiction, as well as writers working from a feminist bent.

Maggie is particularly interested in works from fiction writers of color, and underrepresented voices of all kinds.

Previously, Riggs was an editor at Viking, where she worked with some of the imprint’s most prominent authors, and acquired and edited work from acclaimed and award-winning debut authors including Kristopher Jansma, Adrianne Harun, and Timothy S. Lane. Additionally, she has worked as an associate agent at The Friedrich Agency, and as an independent editor at NY Book Editors.

General fiction
Please send your query letter, bio, and the first ten pages of your manuscript in the body of your email to No attachments, please.