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ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED by Sophie Gonzales (Wednesday Books)
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QUEST FOR THE NAUTILUS by Jason Henderson (Feiwel & Friends)
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Moe Ferrara
BookEnds Literary

Since opening its doors in 1999, BookEnds Literary Agency has never strayed from our original goal: Achieving dreams and doing what we love. Representing fiction and nonfiction for adults and children alike, BookEnds agents continue to live their dreams while helping authors achieve theirs.

First opened as a book packaging company, we were originally looking to take our own fresh and fun ideas and find just the right people to create the books publishers and readers were looking for. Over time, we missed working on fiction and seeing what could come from an author's imagination as well as an author's platform. So not two years after opening its doors, BookEnds changed its literary status to Agency.

While the industry has changed, and BookEnds has grown, the one thing we've never lost is our passion and love for books and the authors who create them.

years experience: 5
General fiction, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Lifestyle, Graphic novels, LGBTQ+, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Books
Sophie Gonzales, Cale Dietrich, Dee Garretson, Hallee Adelman, Jason Henderson, Matthew Dow Smith, Jeremy Whitley
PB Titles:
- JET THE CAT (IS NOT A CAT) by Phaea Crede (Barefoot Books, Spring 2021)
- T-REXES CAN'T TIE THEIR SHOES by Anna Lazowski (Doubleday Children's, Summer 2021)
- FRANKENSLIME illustrated by Ashley Belote (Feiwel & Friends, Summer 2021)
- WAY PAST WORRIED by Hallee Adelman (Albert Whitman, September 2020)
- WAY PAST MAD by Hallee Adelman (Albert Whitman, March 2020)
- MISS RITA, MYSTERY READER by Sam Donovan & Kristen Wixted (Macmillan/Imprint, Winter 2021)
- VALENSLIME illustrated by Ashley Belote (Feiwel & Friends, Winter 2022)

MG Titles:
- YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO: THE SERPENT'S NEST by Jason Henderson (Feiwel & Friends, March 2021)
- DALYA AND THE MAGIC INK BOTTLE by J.M. Evenson (Capstone, Fall 2020)
- YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO: QUEST FOR THE NAUTILUS by Jason Henderson (Feiwel & Friends, March 2020)
- YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO by Jason Henderson (Feiwel & Friends, March 2019)

YA Titles:
- GONE BY NIGHTFALL by Dee Garretson (Swoon Reads, January 2020)
- ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED by Sophie Gonzales (Wednesday Books, March 2020)
- PERFECT ON PAPER by Sophie Gonzales (Wednesday Books, Spring 2021)
- THE SKY BLUES by Robbie Couch (S&S Books for Young Readers, Spring 2021)
- OFF THE RECORD by Sophie Gonzales & Cale Dietrich (Wednesday Books, Fall 2021)

Graphic Novel Titles:
- THE DOG KNIGHT (3 book series) by Jeremy Whitley (Feiwel & Friends, Winter 2022)
- THE OCTOBER GIRL (3 book series) by Matthew Dow Smith (Insight Comics, Fall 2021)
- RENEGADE RULE by Ben Kahn, Rachel Silverstein; illo by Sam Beck (Dark Horse Comics, Summer 2021)
- THE SCHOOL FOR EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL GIRLS (3 book series) by Jeremy Whitley; illo by Jamie Noguchi (Papercutz, Fall 2020)

Adult titles:
- COME HOME TO ME + 2 more Whitman Street Cat Café by Kate McMurray (Sourcebooks, Spring 2021)

Young Captain Nemo (film) to Kinsane Entertainment
After graduating from Pace Law School in 2012 (with an emphasis in Intellectual Property rights), Moe worked for several years in the scouting department of a leading book scout in NYC. She joined BookEnds in May of 2015 and is excited to continue to grow her list of talented clients.
Moe is interested in fictional works for all ages, including picture books, middle-grade, young adults, and adult readers. Her favorite genres include contemporary, fantasy, historical, horror, magical realism, re-tellings, romance, science fiction and anything LGBTQIA-centric. She's particularly keen to find books with pain-in-the-ass heroines, dark and creepy settings with lyrical voices, and books with well-thought out twists and turns. SciFi should be easily accessible and horror should not make her need to keep the lights on! Send her your LGBT+ books that are about more than just a coming out story. Her list tends to skew towards children's fiction, but she is on the hunt for select authors in the above adult genres as well. Overall, though, she loves being surprised by books she never knew she wanted—so if it seems like a fit, query her!

Moe is also open to select narrative nonfiction titles dealing with LGBT+ history, theatre (including biographies or theatrical analysis such as Horowitz's Sondheim on Music), and music theory.

She is not a good fit for upmarket/literary fiction, cozy mysteries, true crime, women's fiction, high fantasy, hard sci-fi, or inspirational romances.

For the most up-to-date wants, see her #MSWL tweets, #MSWL page, and various #MSWL posts on the BookEnds site. To query Moe, please visit her QueryManager page at:

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