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Moe Ferrara
BookEnds Literary

Since opening its doors in 1999, BookEnds Literary Agency has never strayed from our original goal: Achieving dreams and doing what we love. Representing fiction and nonfiction for adults and children alike, BookEnds agents continue to live their dreams while helping authors achieve theirs.

First opened as a book packaging company, we were originally looking to take our own fresh and fun ideas and find just the right people to create the books publishers and readers were looking for. Over time, we missed working on fiction and seeing what could come from an author's imagination as well as an author's platform. So not two years after opening its doors, BookEnds changed its literary status to Agency.

While the industry has changed, and BookEnds has grown, the one thing we've never lost is our passion and love for books and the authors who create them.

General fiction, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Graphic novels, LGBT+, Young Adult, Middle Grade
ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED by S. Gonzales (Wednesday Books, Summer 2020)
YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO by Jason Henderson (Feiwel & Friends, Winter 2019)
LAW OF INERTIA by S. Gonzales (Amberjack, October 2018)
DAMAGE CONTROL + 1 untitled by Kate McMurray (Carina Press, Summer 2018)
DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS + 5 other books in her SciRegency Series by J.L. Langley (Dreamspinner Press, Summer 2018)
MILES AWAY FROM YOU by A.B. Rutledge (HMH Teen, March 2018)
WORTH WAITING FOR + 2 untitled by Wendy Qualls (Kensington Lyrical, August 2017)
GET OFF EASY + 2 untitled by Sara Brookes (Carina Press, July 2017)
After graduating from Pace Law School in 2012 (with an emphasis in Intellectual Property rights), Moe worked for several years in the scouting department of a leading book scout in NYC. She joined BookEnds in May of 2015 and is excited to continue to grow her list of talented clients.
Moe Ferrara is interested in fiction for adults, young adults, and the middle-grade reader. When it comes to all subsets and ages for science fiction and fantasy, she loves easily-accessible sci-fi, imaginative fantasy locales, and pain-in-the-ass heroines. She's looking for most MG and YA genres including contemporary, horror, magical realism, and anything LGBTQ-centric. She also loves being surprised by books she never knew she wanted! On her adult romance radar are all things m/m and m/f—plus everything in between—within all heat levels and genres, including both category and single-title romance. For the most up-to-date wants, see her #MSWL tweets, #MSWL page, and various #MSWL posts on the BookEnds site.

She is not a good fit for picture books through early chapter books, women's fiction, or inspirational romances.

You can query Moe at