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writer :
Meredith Briggs

Five enchanted foods at the center of your favorite stories meet at the Fairytale Museum, where they tell each other their tales of survival and become friends.

The Fairytale Museum is where many of our folklore friends spend their days now that their stories have been told. Characters and enchanted objects from our favorite fables have been coming here for ages, giving normal humans a peek into the fantastical world of fairytales. We’ll meet The Pea, Jack’s Beans, Little Red’s Cake, Three Bears’ Porridge, and Hansel and Gretel’s Gingerbread, in stories that encourage imagination through changed perspectives.

These children’s stories will include family-friendly recipes to inspire both kids and adults to explore different ingredients, have some fun with their food, and to create meals and memories in the meantime.

I am a passionate, self-proclaimed foodie and journalism school graduate. I’ve hosted cooking camps for kids, along with operating a small home-based baking company.

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