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agent :
Brandon Crews
Liminal Literary Agency LLC
425 SW 2nd St, Unit 101H, ALBANY, OR 97321 US

I believe in transparency and honesty in communication and will do everything in my abilities to support the authors I work with and their career aspirations.

I am not a New York resident, nor has my career followed a traditional model - if that isn't a fit for you that is okay. I am open an honest about being a new agent with my authors.

I have experience in sales, recruiting, marketing plan development, contract negotiations, royalty payments, textbook wholesale, and am comfortable with working hard and learning. I spent nearly a decade saving up, learning, completing the Denver Publishing Institute to grow my network and knowledge in the field. I continue to engage in virtual events for authors and publishers and I believe I can be a good advocate for my clients.

As a cis gay male who grew up feeling silenced and bullied I identify strongly with stories from voices that we don't hear enough.

I've sold books and worked in libraries where I assisted with book ordering. I am new to being an agent, but the skills and knowledge I bring aren't insignificant.

years experience: <1
Fantasy/science fiction, Biography, History, Children's books, Science, Narrative Nonfiction
Publishing Institute, University of Denver
Brandon Crews, Agent
To query me, please email your query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript in the body of the email to Brandon at

The subject line of your email should include the word “Query” along with the title of your manuscript.

Emails should not contain attachments. Attachments will not be read, and queries containing attachments WILL be deleted unread.

I aim to reply to all queries within two weeks of receipt.