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ANONYMOUS by Elizabeth Breck, Coming November 2020 (Crooked Lane)
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MURDER GOES TO MARKET by Daisy Bateman, June 2020 (Seventh Street Books)
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agent :
Abby Saul
HER FINAL WORDS by Brianna Labuskes, August 2020 (Thomas & Mercer)

Let's talk books.

The Lark Group is your publishing partner, an agile and editorially focused agency with an eye towards publishing innovation. The Lark Group is committed to providing individual and proactive representation to debut and established authors, as well as creating an agile space for publishing experimentation. We are seeking literary and commercial fiction, particularly mysteries/thrillers, women's fiction, and historical fiction.

Find out more about what we're looking for on our website, or on MSWL:

General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction
Author of ONE MURDER MORE Kris Calvin's first in the Emma Lawson series, set against the backdrop of Sacramento politics, a government ethics investigator must find the son of her best friend and a kidnapped child before a killer's diabolical plan comes to fruition, to Terri Bischoff at Crooked Lane, exclusive submission, in a two-book deal, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group (world).

#Vanlife and Instagram personality Brianna Madia's NOWHERE FOR VERY LONG, about abandoning expectations and the search for a life free of regret, to Sydney Rogers at Harper One, in a pre-empt, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group (world).

Washington Post bestselling author Brianna Labuskes's DON'T SAY A WORD, in which a psychologist must help a young girl accused of a crime that harkens back to her own dark past, to Megha Parekh at Thomas & Mercer, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group.

Courtney Ellis's AT SUMMER'S END, in which an ambitious female artist in 1920s England accepts a commission at an earl's country estate, where she finds the war-torn family crumbling under the weight of secrets they've kept for years, to Kerry Donovan at Berkley, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group.

Real-life private investigator Elizabeth Breck's ANONYMOUS, in which a San Diego PI has her world flipped upside down when she becomes the target of a killer after listening to a podcast, to Terri Bischoff at Crooked Lane, in a pre-empt, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall of 2020, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group (world English).

Daisy Bateman's MURDER GOES TO MARKET, the first in a new series, in which murder comes to an artisanal market in the food lover's paradise of Northern California, pitched as a cozy written in the style of Nicole Cliffe from The Toast, to Dan Mayer at Seventh Street, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group.

GERMAN rights: Melinda Mullet's DEADLY DRAM and DIED IN THE WOOL, to Aufbau (Germany), in a two-book deal, for publication in 2020, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group in association with Sarah Knofius at Thomas Schlueck Agency.

AUDIO rights: Melinda Mullet's Books 3 and 4 in the WHISKY BUSINESS MYSTERY series, to Ryan MacGavin at Audible, by Abby Saul at The Lark Group.

Abby Saul (Agent) is an editorial expert with a passion for fantastic reads. She founded The Lark Group after a decade in publishing at John Wiley & Sons, Sourcebooks, and Browne & Miller Literary Associates. She's worked with and edited bestselling and award-winning authors as well as major brands. At each publishing group she's been a part of, Abby also has helped to establish ebook standards, led company-wide forums to explore new digital possibilities for books, and created and managed numerous digital initiatives. A zealous reader who loves her iPad and the ebooks on it, she still can’t resist the lure of a print book. Abby’s personal library of beloved titles runs the gamut from literary newbies and classics, to cozy mysteries, to sappy women’s fiction, to dark and twisted thrillers. She’s looking for great and engrossing adult commercial and literary fiction. A magna cum laude graduate of Wellesley College, Abby spends her weekends—when she’s not reading—cooking and hiking with her husband and son. Find her @BookySaul on Twitter.
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