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Mercy First And Last
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Saints of the New Irish Kitchen
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publisher :
Cian O hAnnrachainn
Newcastlewest Books
Available October 2017

Newcastlewest Books is a partnership of three authors who wish to introduce works of quality fiction that bring to life the experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Specializing in historical fiction, Newcastlewest Books publishes novels with a Hibernian slant.

Set in Kentucky's horse country, STILL LIFE is a humorous tale of sibling rivalry and good intentions gone astray. When Louisa tries to break up her sister's marriage, for the sake of sparing her sibling the heartache she well knows, she unleashes the wrath of a master con artist who will seek revenge by destroying her business and turning her clients against her. The woman who thought she could have it all may end up with nothing if she can't find a way to expose a clever grifter and keep her head above water while training a thoroughbred that could make or break her horse farm.

Please visit our website to purchase our titles and learn more about Newcastlewest Books.

General fiction, Historical fiction, Contemporary fiction
Our newest release:

The timeless love story of Robert Emmet and Sarah Curran, told through her eyes: Read the opening pages here

From our CITY THAT WORKS imprint:
A fun-filled escapade involving haute cuisine, Irish mobsters and a chef determined to make it to the top without losing her girlfriend or her business partner in the process - SAINTS OF THE NEW IRISH KITCHEN is a delight. Read the opening pages here.

Unable to escape British rule, American orphan Maddie Beauchamp rebels. In THE SECOND WAR OF REBELLION, she comes of age in England during the turmoil of the Napoleonic wars while remaining true to her patriot heritage, even as she forms a makeshift family with her new stepfather, Jack Ashford. But with Jack at sea, Maddie is left in the care of his extended family, and she soon chafes at the attempt to make her more British. Her revolt against tyranny will quickly spiral beyond her control. Although Jack promised to emancipate his stepdaughter when she turns eighteen, he soon realizes that he loves her too much to let her go. He plots to marry her to a man of his choosing, his determination fixed after Maddie's brother uncovers a dark corner of Jack's past that will set Maddie's American relations against her British family. When she attracts the attention of a man despised by the Ashfords, Jack acts in haste to secure his position but fails to consider Maddie's wishes. As the United States and England square off in a fight over free trade and sailors' rights, Maddie will engage Jack in a battle over her right to self-determination, one she intends to win at any cost.

Read the opening pages here.

Since the fall of Charles Town, Sarah Mahon has found success as a spy for the partisan militia, until Jack Ashford comes ashore. In THE LIBERTY FLOWER, she soon learns that she cannot judge the enemy by the color of his uniform, because a willing man can be made to change his colors by the right woman. It is a discovery that her rebel father does not share. As she is courted by Lt. Jack Ashford of the Royal Navy, those she thinks are allies actively sabotage the relationship that would take Sarah away from the Low Country she longs to escape. A rash act of rebellion meant to cement an engagement will destroy her plans, but Jack is not so easily discouraged. Even after Sarah marries another to save face, the naval officer will not rest until he has claimed Sarah as his any cost.

Spanning the closing decades of the Eighteenth Century, THE LIBERTY FLOWER presents the struggle of a woman to gain a small fragment of freedom in an era of enlightened thinking that did not extend to the ladies. Sarah and Jack are separated by politics over which they have no control, their lives diverging and intersecting as an evolving world order sees them wavering between despair and hope. When Sarah is granted a second chance to realize her dream, she will discover that the yearning of a sixteen-year-old girl is radically altered by life's experiences, and the liberty she has gained after years of struggle may be too precious to abandon.

*THE KING OF THE IRISH is a tale of dirty politics, greed and corruption, set in a city that still embodies "The Chicago Way". Based on a real-life murder trial, the novel depicts the battle of a man caught up in a power struggle within the Irish nationalist movement in 1889. Daniel Coughlin is accused of a murder he did not commit, but proving his innocence against a backdrop of entrenched prejudice and prosecutorial misconduct may be impossible. One man can save his neck, a political powerhouse who will have to sway the Illinois General Assembly and the Cook County courts, or Dan is a dead man.

*In LACE CURTAIN IRISH, the saga of the Hanlon clan plays out against the backdrop of Chicago's Union Stockyards, where fortunes could be made in cattle. It is here that Julia Hanlon returns after a thirteen-year-exile in Ireland, the reason for her abandonment known to her brother Daniel. The secrets between them will pull them apart, even as Julia struggles to reconnect with her siblings and re-create the family she was denied. Her determination will drive Daniel away, until he finds the courage to confront their mother and expose a reality as harsh as the slaughterhouse killing floor. The penal colony in Western Australia is escape-proof---but that is about to change.

*Sentenced to seven years transportation, Mary Claire O'Dwyer is determined to free the Fenian rebels. She will find allies in unexpected places, where a Royal Marine's scarlet coat can be another deception.

On the voyage to Western Australia, she is pressured by Simon Plowman to work for him as a covert spy, but the man who crushed the Fenian uprising in 1867 will inadvertently train her in the art of espionage and deception. She wastes no time in organizing a jail break.

In the U.K., Simon is seen to undermine every important Irish movement. Whether he is manipulating Charles Stuart Parnell or blackmailing Lord Salisbury, he appears to be an agent for the Crown, and when he casts his lot with Edward Carson's Ulster Volunteers, his loyalty goes unquestioned.

At the same time, his daughter develops into a radical revolutionary, sneaking around behind her father's back to support the workers during the Dublin Lockout of 1913 and expanding into gun-running for the Citizen Army. Aware that her mother left a record of her time in Fremantle, Eireann never stops searching, while her father never stops holding her at arm's length. What she perceives as political differences or lack of love is far removed from Simon's real motives. Only when she believes that she may soon face her father across battle lines will Simon introduce her to her parents, and demonstrate just how deceiving appearances can be.

"The King Of The Irish" is available online wherever books are sold, including Amazon. All digital formats are available for download at Smashwords.

Find "Lace Curtain Irish" as a trade paperback at Amazon or Also available as an e-book.

"A Terrible Beauty"is available at or Barnes &

For information regarding Newcastlewest Books please contact us via e-mail at
Partner: Cian O hAnnrachainn/
Partner: Peg O'Sullivan/
Partner: Katie Hanrahan/
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