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Katharina Loix van Hooff
KLVH - Les Argonautes Editeur
8 rue du Prieure, Saint Germain en laye, 78100 FR

Les Argonautes Editeur is a new and independent French publishing house specialising in contemporary European fiction and new translations of modern European classics.

Founded in 2021 by experienced foreign fiction editor Katharina Loix van Hooff and to be launched with first publications in 2022 it focuses on plot driven, engaging narratives with strong protagonists and atmospheric settings. Every publication will be emblematic of a specific region, city or historical event and thus reflecting European cultural and historical landscapes.

Translating and promoting European literary creation and thus allowing a wider French audience access to the wealth and diversity of our European neighbors’ creativity and heritage is at the heart of Les Argonautes’ quest.

In parallel to my publishing activity I continue counseling and acquiring foreign projects for different French publishers. I'm looking for high potential international fiction and non-fiction, upmarket to commercial womens, highly successful science, practical guides and spirituality from all horizons.

years experience: 20
General fiction
As a freelance acquiring editor I have brought projects as Ibram X. Kendi, Shokoofeh Azar, Dominik Spenst, Anders Indset, Andri Snaer Magnason, Carmen Korn among many others to France.
My first acquisitions for Les Argonautes Editeur are the two most recent novels of beautiful Dutch author Marente de Moor, The Dutch Maiden and Foon.